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victim charged in robbery/shooting

Discussion in 'Legal' started by critter, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. critter

    critter Well-Known Member

    This has been being reported on the LR AR channel 7 tv this weekend.

    Guy goes in the local 'stop and rob' type store. Clerk recognizes him as having robbed the place before. Guy gets some stuff and attempts to leave without paying whereby clerk locks door. Fight happens-clerk gets gun and robber winds up getting shot in the back. Clerk charded with 2nd degree murder.

  2. sturmruger

    sturmruger Well-Known Member

    WOW it sounds like he did everything wrong. Having a gun does not make you a policeman!!! :banghead: Call the real police if you catch a criminal.
  3. Frandy

    Frandy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sure looks like he did wrong. Training...training...training... remembering...remembering...remembering...
  4. hoppinglark

    hoppinglark Well-Known Member

    sounds more like involuntery manslaughter to me...
  5. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    He's going to have some time in prison to consider the action he took in defense of a few dollars' worth of the store owner's property.

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