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Virginia Gun Show Bill Still Alive!

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by devildog66, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. devildog66

    devildog66 Well-Known Member

    (Commonwealth of Virginia) Senator Marsh's gun show bill, SB 1257, was brought back from the dead by Senator Colgan (Democrat - Manassas), who claimed to have voted against the bill by mistake and wanted to change his vote. That opened the door for Senator Marsh to ask that his bill be passed by for the day.

    Senator Marsh is probably looking to water down his bill in hopes that he can get enough votes to pass it tomorrow.


    We all need to contact our Senators and ask them to not support SB 1257, even if it gets watered down. We must do this NOW, the vote could be tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 3rd).
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  2. 1Pocket

    1Pocket Active Member

    I just read an article on tricities.com that stated SB 1257 was killed by todays vote
  3. 1Pocket

    1Pocket Active Member

  4. vulturez

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