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VZ24 300 Win Mag question

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by Dogsoldier, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Dogsoldier

    Dogsoldier Well-Known Member


    Over the past few months I have been puttering with converting a BRNO VZ24 to chamber a 300 Win Mag. After a few months of hand filing the rail guides, the question begs itself, there has to be a better way!

    I hope to convert other Mauser actions to magnum calibers in the future and could use some guidance.

    Is there a rule of thumb that gives an indication of how much the rails need to be opened up to accept a belted magnum cartridge? Example, the 8mm catridge largest diameter is X. The space between the rails is Y. The fattest part of the mag cartidge is Z. something on the order of X divided by Z = R%. There for the suggested space between the rails is Z + R%= starting opening size?

    Did that make sense?
    I think I just confused myself. :confused:
  2. George Stringer

    George Stringer Active Member

    It makes sense but really there isn't a standard. Just do it one side at a time. I've only seen 2, that I recall, that were opened 'mathmatically'. On both the right side wasn't opened enough and the left side wouldn't hold the cartridge. George

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