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Walther P-22 Problems??

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by franconialocal, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. franconialocal

    franconialocal Well-Known Member

    I was communicating with another member about the problems we were having with our Walther P-22's. Overall I really enjoy this weapon, but had a problem rear it's ugly head a few times with the trigger bar. FINALLY it's fixed and working well. Any other problems out there??
  2. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Well-Known Member

    Do you have the "target" model?
    We had issues with the weight on the front working off ... conversion to non-"target" model was provided free by S&W.
  3. cambeul41

    cambeul41 Well-Known Member

    I have had two problems:

    1) It is less than fun to reassemble due to wobbles in the long free recoil spring.

    2) Failure to cycle either due to cheap ammo or possibly the barrel not being snugged down.
  4. rhinoh

    rhinoh Well-Known Member

    Are you using the supplied plastic rod to guide the spring when reassembling?
    Mine goes together easily with the rod, without, well, good luck;)
  5. Ringtail

    Ringtail Well-Known Member

    There is a little machine screw in the right side of the frame that can work loose and interfere with the slide. A little loc tight seems to fix it.
  6. gpr

    gpr Well-Known Member

  7. ZeBool

    ZeBool Well-Known Member

    My buddy has one, and it is really fun to shoot. The only problem we had with it was it failing to cycle about once every 30 or so rounds. But, considering that it is a plinker and not a carry gun, I don't think that uber-reliability is a concern.
  8. franconialocal

    franconialocal Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input!!

    Yes, mine was the target model. I suffered the same fate as apparently others have as well.....that being the very small set screw working it's way loose and the whole extension coming loose. I finally ditched the target setup and went standard.

    Yes...the set screw inside the frame ALWAYS needs to be tightened (that is, before I put some lock-tite on it).

    Yes...I tried SEVERL types of ammo (ad nauseam in fact).

    Again, what really raised my temperature was the "attempt" IN WRITING by Smith and Wesson to call it "Inspected: Passed". Really?? Makes me wonder if they even tried test-firing it more than once. :banghead:
  9. krs

    krs Well-Known Member

    So, these little things are good, or not good?
  10. gopguy

    gopguy Well-Known Member

    Mine work fine, seems to like Remington golden bullet bulk pack ammo from Walmart...
  11. rhinoh

    rhinoh Well-Known Member

    Like mine, works fine for me.
  12. Ringtail

    Ringtail Well-Known Member

    Mine too. Even works when its full of sand.
  13. monkyboy1975

    monkyboy1975 Well-Known Member

    No problems with mine. But i did find out that Remington Yellow jackets+P22=Jammomatic.
  14. 2RCO

    2RCO Well-Known Member

    When I bought mine the dealer advised me not to shoot my chosen brick federal ammo in it but to shoot hotter-- see more expensive .22 ammo. I've had no problems while following this advice. I have the target model as well.
  15. gglass

    gglass Well-Known Member

    My wife absolutely loves hers. I would hate to be the poor soul who would try to take it from her. :)

    It does have the rare FTF with cheap bulk ammo. It has never had an issue with the more expensive CCI Stingers... She really loves to shoot these.

    A gun that only a woman could love:

  16. Mr. Bojangles

    Mr. Bojangles Well-Known Member

    Love my P22, also the occaisonal FTF with the cheap stuff (about 1 in every 100 rounds), but no other problems. Wouldn't tolerate the FTF with a ccw handgun, but in a plinking model it's A-OK. Maybe if I cleaned it a little more often...
  17. burningsquirrels

    burningsquirrels Well-Known Member

    mine worked well past 10k rounds no problem. cheap ammo ($12 federal bricks, etc.) gives FTF and FTE once in a while, but never had any problem with CCI mini-mags when using it in a plink or steel match.
  18. Baneblade

    Baneblade Well-Known Member

    I have two OD green P22's and have had continual problems with both. Each gun fails to cycle reliably, regardless of the ammo used. I have put approximately 500 rounds through each one to try and break them in, but it did not make a difference.

    There is good news and bad news. The good news is that S&W serviced both of them. When I called there was no hesitation from the customer service rep to have both of them sent in, on their dime. Awesome service.

    Bad news... they only fixed one of them. The other one still has the same problem. They were worked on by two different people and apparantly one did not find the problem while the other one did.

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