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Walther P22 vs Walther/Colt Gold Cup

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Olympus, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Olympus

    Olympus Well-Known Member

    Can't decide which one of these guns to get next. I know the P22 is a solid performer. I've shot several and really like the way they feel. And considering I'm in the waiting process for my first suppressor, I know the P22 makes a great base. I'm not familiar with the 5" model though. Does it have a threaded barrel also?

    The Colt Gold Cup Trophy 22 is a big unknown to me. The photos I've seen make the gun look cheap. Does anyone have experience with this gun? Does it have a threaded barrel as well? Just really interested in hearing people's opinions on the two guns.
  2. Hanzo581

    Hanzo581 Well-Known Member

    I love my P22, don't get my wrong (though the wife stole it from me). But check out the Ruger 22/45, they make a threaded barrel model and at least for me it is made much more solidly and is more accurate than my P22.
  3. Olympus

    Olympus Well-Known Member

    I already have several MK2s. I was thinking of trying a different design this time.
  4. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    FYI - neither of these pistols are actually made by Walther. Both are made by Umarex out of potmetal.

    I would go to waltherforums.com and do a few searches for the 5" barrelled version. What you'll find is not very encouraging.
  5. Schwing

    Schwing Well-Known Member

    My P22 is a peace of garbage. I know a lot of people who have them and love them but I have nothing positive to say about them at all. Out of the box, mine stove piped or jammed about every 3rd round (No matter ammo brand). I sent it back to Walther and, after about 3 weeks, I got it back with one test fired casing and a note saying that they could not find anything wrong with the gun. Subsequent calls yielded absolutely zero results. They were unwilling to have me ship it back again, insisting that it was faulty ammo. I called a couple of other times just to make sure it was not the one rep being obstinate.

    The Walther has some really basic design flaws that can be beyond problematic. A common problem is that the hammer sits way too high for the slide to cycle properly without undue drag on the bottom of the slide. This causes incomplete cycling and also wears out the slide very quickly. It is made out of pot metal so...

    After shelving it for a couple of years, I found the P22 Bible on line and made the modifications described there.It now cycles well and has very few problems but the work took me the better part of a day and the slide is already nearly worn out from the first 500 rounds I put through before making the changes (There are some parts in the slide that are rough and rub on each other).

    I was so disappointed with it that I vowed I will not by another Walther... just my own experience but it was bad enough that I won't go back.
  6. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

  7. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    I was never impressed with the Walther P22 that I had. Everything was pretty spotty on the gun, from the materials used to manufacture it, to its overall reliabilty and accuracy. It needed frequent maintenance (i.e. cleaning), after just 100 rounds or so and just lacked the quality feel that I typically associated with Walther products.
  8. Orion8472

    Orion8472 Well-Known Member

    Schwing, can you post a link to the P22 Bible? Thank you.
  9. Olympus

    Olympus Well-Known Member

    If that's true, why would Colt allow their name to be put on something of inferior qualify?

    It's my understanding that the Gold Cup is made by Walther in Germany and imported by Umarex. Is that not the case?
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2013
  10. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

  11. Schwing

    Schwing Well-Known Member

  12. Olympus

    Olympus Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm still confused. The second link about the replica is the exact gun I'm looking at. Right below the photo of the gun is the Walther logo and says "made by Carl Walther, Germany". So if it's not made by Walther, why would they advertise it?

    And is Colt really that bad for profit that they'd endorse an inferior product? I know a lot of Colt fanatics that would not like to hear that.
  13. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Carl Walther & UMAREX are pretty much the same company in Germany now.

  14. Olympus

    Olympus Well-Known Member

    Saw a photo of the actual gun someone posted online that says "made by Walther" and "imported by Umarex" right on the side of the gun.
  15. wow6599

    wow6599 Well-Known Member

    The Walther P22 is one of the biggest POS firearms I have ever owned.
    Olympus, listen to rc and the others. At the end of the day, the P22 is not a well built firearm.
  16. Olympus

    Olympus Well-Known Member

    Ok. What about the 1911 version?
  17. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    Umarex owns a majority stake in Walther, so they can slap the Walther name on pretty much anything they make. Walther doesn't really have a choice in the matter.

    What is particularly deceptive is that Umarex marks many of their products "Carl Walther, Ulm" when they are neither made by Walther, nor made in Ulm (the home of the actual Walther factory).

    The proofmarks bear this out. Umarex-made guns (made in the Umarex factory in Arnsberg, near Cologne) will carry the Cologne proofmark - a shield with 3 crowns. Pistols actually made by Walther at the Walther factory in Ulm, Germany (such as the P99, PPQ, and PPS) will carry the Ulm proofmark - a staghorn.

    Colt is not the only company that licenses their name to Umarex.

    H&K and Smith & Wesson do the same thing. Umarex manufactures the whole line of H&K rimfires, as well as the Smith & Wesson M&P-22 pistol.
  18. wow6599

    wow6599 Well-Known Member

    Never owned one. From everything I've read about UMAREX, I believe anything they produce that isn't airsoft, is garbage.

    I guess I should rephrase.....all rimfires they build are garbage.
  19. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    Here's the easy way to determine if a firearm is made by Walther or Umarex:

    A pistol made by Walther in Ulm will carry the "staghorn" proof mark, as seen on this P99:


    A pistol made by Umarex in Arnsberg (near Cologne) will carry the "shield with 3 crowns" proof mark, as seen on this P22:

  20. weblance

    weblance Well-Known Member

    The Colt/Walther/Umarex 1911 pistol has a threaded barrel. The adapter for the P22 is the correct one for the barrel thread. Regardless of who makes it, or what its made of, mine has been reliable, and accurate. Magazines are hard to come by, and there are 2 different ones, a 10 shot, and a 12 shot. It has tool less takedown, and has a steel reinforcing pin in the slide stop notch. I have around 1,000 rounds thru mine, and it hasnt had one failure, and I see no wear marks.


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