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Walther P5

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by AnklePocket, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. AnklePocket

    AnklePocket Guest

    I'm somewhat set on a Kahr P9, but happened on a Walther P5 that might happen instead. Any words on the P5? It's a little larger, but the quality really shows.
  2. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member


    Go for the P5!!
    I have one and it's the cat's meow!!
    One thing though, mags are hard to find and expensive when you do.
    P38 mags DO NOT fit!!!
    I scoured gun shows for a long time to find the ones I have.
    Mags can be had HERE.

    Good luck finding a holster. The only place that I know of that makes holsters for the P5 is http://www.kramerleather.com/.
  3. lunde

    lunde Well-Known Member

    Natchez sells factory Walther P5/P5C for $60 or so a pop, which is about $20 cheaper than Earl.
  4. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    I have a P5 and it is fantastic. Wonderful shooter. Very long double action pull but very very smooth. I have yet to experience any problems with mine at all. The one button slide release/decocker is very nice and intuitive.

    Really my only complaint is the mag release on the P5 is European and a very stiff example of a European mag release. I believe, however, the P5C has the American style thumb release.

    The KAHR will probably be a better tiny gun in terms of carry comfort but the P5 exudes style and sophistication.
  5. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member

    I own both the P5 and P5C. The C is my warm weather carry pistol in a Kramer IWB #2 [great holster].

    I don't own a Kahr but I've seen them in action on the range several times.

    Simply put, get the P5. It is a fine weapon in true European style/quality.

    That is correct.

    High Noon Holsters will make holsters for the P5. I have two by them for my P5C.

    ANYONE is chealer tham Earl's!!! :eek: :D
  6. keederdag

    keederdag Well-Known Member

    I hate you guy's

  7. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member

    Why? :D
  8. rauchman

    rauchman Well-Known Member

    While I don't own one, my shooting buddy has one and it is one of my favorites of his collection. As others have mentioned, it captures the elegance, style, and sophistication that is uniquely European. It has a trigger that feels mushy when dry firing, however when it's actually being fired the mushiness goes away....strange but true. It is very very accurate. I have a Sig P225 (comparible since it's also a compact 8 shot single stack 9mm), and I would take the P5 over the Sig any day of the week. It has a neat feature in that it ejects the spent shells to the left and forward. As someone else had mentioned, mags are expensive. The gun is, without a doubt, a great shooter. Functions pretty much like a P38 or Beretta 92/96. Extremely smooth, and did I mention accurate?

    Overall excellent pistol. Would make a great carry gun.
  9. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member

    That's it...sophistication is the correct term for the P5.

    If I were asked which I liked better, the P5 or P5C, I would have to go with the P5C.

    A nice addition to either pistol is a set of Nill grips. Nill Grips ;)
  10. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the holster tip!!
    I'll have to check them out!!
  11. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that I only said they made them, I didn't comment on the quality or if I was happy with mine. ;)

    I bought the Topless, not too bad and the Down Under w/straps for my P5C.

    The Down Under is a lower priced copy of the Milt Sparks SS II. No where near the quality of the Sparks holster but, delivery is far better as is the price.

    Using the Down Under on the range for the first time, I took it off and put it away after about 50 or so draws. The flap to the rear of the slide is way too soft and flops around and folds down too much for my liking when re-holstering with one hand.

    I practice using one hand re-holstering and not looking when I return the pistol to the holster.

    The Topless wasn't all that bad but, the lining didn't seem to want to release the pistol on the draw and slowed me down.

    The stitching on both was nicely down.
  12. rauchman

    rauchman Well-Known Member

    Hey there JimC,

    I notice you are in Western NJ. I am in Eastern NJ, Cliffiside Park specifically (one town south of the George Washington Bridge). Do you know of any longer than 300 yard rifle ranges in your area? I'd like to get into long range rifle shooting, however the only ranges I know of are 300 yards. Thanks,

  13. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member


    Check your e-mail. :)
  14. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    P5s are very nice... It's the gun I'll look to get right after a P7.

    Comapred to the P9... it's definately bigger... And heavier... If all day every day carrying is the goal...
  15. keederdag

    keederdag Well-Known Member

    I hate you guy's because you own P-5's and I do not.......JIM dirty P-5 Hording:cuss: :cuss: :cuss: :cuss: :cuss: :D
  16. flinch

    flinch Well-Known Member

    I keep looking at a nice used one ($675.) but, it just seems like a LARGE gun for 8 rounds, They also have a compact NIB for $999. which is out of my price range. How are the prices in the real world, I live in SC.
  17. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member


    Those prices are about "normal" for both from what I've seen.

    I paid $650 for my P5 used back in '02 and $899 for the C new, also in '02.

    Look at it this way, they aren't going to get any cheaper. I think the P5 is now out of production, the C is still being made but who knows for how long.

    Know why they both eject to the left?

    So when the German police are chasing a bad guy and the driver is shooting at the same time, the brass doesn't fly back into the vehicle! :D

    I once told that one to one of the engineers at Walther in Germany. He thought it might be one explanation. He didn't know why they ejected to the left.

    :neener: :evil: :neener: :evil: :neener:
  18. punkinjones

    punkinjones New Member



    Andy Arratoonian is one of the best there is. I recently got a P5C setup. He lists the P5 on his site, still.

    You might try Ken Null, too ( www.klnullholsters.com ). He does not list the P5 series on his site, but I have seen other posts that say he will work with you.

    Matt del Fatti, too ( www.delfatti.com ) ( long wait, but worth it )...

    You cannot go wrong with any P5...
  19. Peakbagr

    Peakbagr Active Member

    My P5C fits like a glove in a nylon holster with a thumb-break. Not sure if its an Uncle Mike's or similar. Perfect fit and maybe $20.

    I love the P5C. Take down is about 10 seconds. One lever, off comes the slide, and out falls the little barrel.
    Comes apart and goes together faster than it took to write this.
    The parts and tolerances are typical made-in-Germany craftsmanship and everything is well thought out.
    With fixed sights, it usually groups the entire magazine in around 6", fired one or two handed at 50' with commercial cast bullets and my handloads.
    Great plinker when I load just enough powder to make the gun cycle and throw the brass about 4'.
  20. JimC

    JimC Well-Known Member

    Amen to that. ;)

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