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Walther P99 40S&W opinion

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Ruger745, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Ruger745

    Ruger745 Well-Known Member

    Hi all,
    Recently, I was in my local gun store and had the opportunity to look at a Walther P99 in 40 S&W. I really took a shine to this pistol; fit and feel were excellent IMO, light, and all made in Germany. I then looked at some posts and found out that some people were having problems with their P99’s if parts were made here by Smith and Wesson. I was wondering if this is still a problem, how reliable is this pistol, and what’s your overall opinion about it?
    Thanks for the info
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  2. DAdams

    DAdams Well-Known Member

    I have a P99AS in .40 but don't have a significant number of rounds through it yet to provide an rigorous and complete review let alone longevity or long term reliability statistics. I do like the AS trigger and the ergonomics work well for me.
    You may also wish to consider an M&P full size .40Pro. 4.25 inch barrel and comes with night sights. You can get 9mm mags and barrel or even a 357 sig barrel and use the .40 mags. Multifunction.

    You may want to spend some time here.

  3. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    All new P99s are 100% German-made. Only the very earliest production .40 P99s had slides & barrels manufactured by S&W. If the slide and barrel has the "Eagle over N" proofmark, it was made in Germany.

    You should take a look at this website - it has everything you would ever want to know about the P99:


    Personally, I own a 9mm P99AS, and it is a fantastic handgun. It has been 100% reliable with all types of ammo. This is not surprising, since the P99 has a reputation for extreme reliability. For just about $40-$50 more than what a Glock goes for these days, it's a vastly better pistol in most respects (trigger, ergonomics, accuracy, fit & finish). The ONLY downside it that accessories can be a little tougher to find than for a Glock or M&P, but they are out there, thanks to the fact that the P99 has been around a while now (about 15 years).

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