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Walther P99 QA Compact Parts?!? Confused

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Glockedout17, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Glockedout17

    Glockedout17 Well-Known Member

    I recently got my hands on a Walther P99c QA. I would like to have some replacement parts (barrel,extractor,striker assembly, recoil assembly, etc.) on hand just in case. Problem is I cant seem to find the anywhere. Are there any aftermarket companies out there that produce these parts for the Walther P99c qa? Or is the Walther P99c such a great gun it won't ever need replacements? You would think that these would be easier to find, considering the following they have. Maybe i'll be better off with a Glock. Please help, i'm confused.
  2. ExTank

    ExTank Well-Known Member

    I would talk to Walther Support.

    Since S&W is the current U.S. distributor for Walther, you can try their Custmer Service as well; if nothing else you'll get good info on where to go for the parts you're looking for.

    Remember, in the Walther/Ruger thread, I mentioned that Walther doesn't have a large market/support presence in the U.S. That's going to change in the near future, but for now, it is what it is.

    IIRC, Walther's warranty is good for one year from date-of-purchase, and is non-transferrable. But I have heard of instances where Walther will still honor the warranty even after the time period has elapsed. If I were you, I'd go on-line and register your new gun with Walther, just in case.

    And if you call them and talk to them, be nice. "More flies with honey than vinegar," and all that.

    ETA: check out their FAQ, too.
  3. Glockedout17

    Glockedout17 Well-Known Member

    Thanks ExTank, I will definitely call them and see what I can find out. The gun isn't new, so I can't register it, but it is solid. I just like to have guns that have some kind of aftermarket support, I shouldn't have to dig and search for what i'm looking for. It's a Walther for C****t sake!
  4. balance 740

    balance 740 Well-Known Member

    I doubt you would ever need a replacement barrel. The extractor, striker assembly, and recoil spring assembly could be bought from either S&W, or Earl's Repair Service. ERS is a little expensive, so I'd try S&W first.

    The P99 is a durable design.

    Walther is setting up their own service center here in the beginning of next year, so if nothing else, you may want to wait it out and purchase directly from Walther when they get here.
  5. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    S&W customer service can hook you up. Give them a call.
  6. ExTank

    ExTank Well-Known Member

    If the previous owner didn't register it, you still may be able to. Even if the previous owner did register it, as I said, Walther will sometimes still honor the warranty.

    I understand about the "digging around" complaint; I've been looking for certain P99 and PPQ accessories, and had to go to Walther's main international site to find them, and get the part numbers from there, before calling Walther USA's customer support center for pricing.
  7. Glockedout17

    Glockedout17 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't aware that Walther was starting a U.S. company. I was planning on trading it for a Glock to avoid any future headache, but my friend told me I would be a dumba** and that I should keep it. I might just wait until Walther get here then. It's always better to own a gun with some kind of aftermarket support. Hopefully I won't ever need to call them. Thanks guys
  8. Fishbed77

    Fishbed77 Well-Known Member

    I'm with your friend. Trading a P99 for a Glock is a serious step down.

    Right now, S&W imports and provides customer service for Walther pistols, and their CS is some of the best in the business. I would expect that Walther will continue to offer top-notch service when they set up their US subsidiery.

    Aftermarket parts and accessories are readily available, either online, or from S&W. No, they are not as plentiful in local gun stores, but most things are easily found online, since the P99 design has been around for over 15 years now, and the popularity of the PPQ (which is just a P99 variant with new trigger group) has increased the profile of the P99-series guns.
  9. Glockedout17

    Glockedout17 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info Fishbed. I made up my mind to keep it, I will go put it through it's paces to make sure its a keeper as soon as some time is available. If anything, i'll call S&W to get an idea on some part prices and parts availability. My mind is at ease now.

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