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Want to buy a cannon (Mountain Howitzer)

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by husbandofaromanian, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. husbandofaromanian

    husbandofaromanian Well-Known Member

    I am looking for some manufacturers that will build me a fully functional, full size, Mountain Howitzer (Dixie gun works says theirs are not for firing projectiles)...

    I don't want to pay for bronze... However, solid steel would be nice so I don't have to think twice about shooting 1/2 pound powder shots...
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  2. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    Look at EBay or Contact a local Sons of Confederate Veterans since many groups have cannons and know of folks who make or sale them.
  3. witchhunter

    witchhunter Well-Known Member

    When you find one let us know. That sounds like a road trip and a BBQ. Every one can bring a pound of primer or a pound of lead.
  4. Mike OTDP

    Mike OTDP Well-Known Member

    Steen Cannons sells them. Paulson Brothers sells carriages. I would highly recommend going to the North-South Skirmish Association's BB and check the Artillery page before buying anything. The N-SSA has the most knowledgable Civil War era artillerists around.

    P.S. Bring money. Cannon are not cheap. But you'll have the only one in the neighborhood. :)
  5. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

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  6. husbandofaromanian

    husbandofaromanian Well-Known Member

  7. Willie Sutton

    Willie Sutton Well-Known Member

    Reading ther Steen pages... wow. I had no idea that the skills needed to make these still existed.

    Hmmm.... artillery in the Mojave.. what could be better?


  8. Gaucho Gringo

    Gaucho Gringo Well-Known Member

  9. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Those mountain howitzers had a major role in the Confederate artillery batteries in the SW (New Mexico) campaign of Henry Hopkins Sibley. They won the fight but lost the campaign at Glorieta when a Union column destroyed their wagon train.
  10. Willie Sutton

    Willie Sutton Well-Known Member

    "They also have instructions on how to hunt deer with it. First time I read it I was ROFL."

    It sounds like a joke until you see the result skinned... Man, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of one of these! He's in Wisconsin, might look him up for grins when I get home. Definately worth reading the story.

    And when done with that, try cat hunting with a mortar.



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  11. bobinoregon

    bobinoregon Well-Known Member

    Please check out greybeard outdoors and their black powder cannon section before you make any decisions . Ask questions and mention names. I've been collecting and shooting cannon for a long time and they have a wealth of information there. Steen cannon and Paulson Bros are a whole total world level above anything you will find on Buckstix. Black powder cannons are a a serious business and any reputable manufacturer goes to great pains to explain this. Cannon are serious, a cheap one is just a pipe bomb waiting to happen.
  12. Willie Sutton

    Willie Sutton Well-Known Member

    Bob, why don't you start a thread telling us a little about your cannon experience. I'm fascinated by the idea, and with spending months a year in the Mojave, where I have unlimited land to shoot on, the idea is... interesting. How would you even get started (other than having money to literally burn)?


  13. bobinoregon

    bobinoregon Well-Known Member

    I'm no expert, just a guy who has a bunch of mostly smaller black powder cannon. Most of what I shoot is mainly 1" diameter bore and smaller, they are way easier to clean since you can do them in the kitchen sink. I also have a half scale Napoleon and a Lyle gun and both weigh right around 160-180 lbs, you shoot them once you have to clean them the same as if you had shot them a hundred times, the bigger ones also eat more powder.

    For someone getting started I recommend looking for a mortar, preferably golf ball or beer can sized, ammo is cheap and plentiful and you don't need much range but you still get all the smoke and noise.

    I've been two years building a field carriage for my Napoleon and it still isnt done, mainly because it sits in a workable but nowhere near correct naval style carriage now. Barrels aren't expensive compared to once you start looking for someone else to build a correct carriage, wheels and woodwork don't come cheap. If you can do the wood you are way ahead in the game. And for the record I'd also love to own a full scale mountain howitzer.

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