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want to get a 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by farmmer dan, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. farmmer dan

    farmmer dan New Member

    I want to get a 1911, but I dont know if I want a Dan Wesson pointman7 or a springfield loaded, or a smith and wesson. I hope the 1911 to be stainless, have target sights and wood grips. I have herd good things about a lot of 1911s and want some input on these and others if posible. No, I dont want to spend 1500$ or more on one but,I want one to shot at paper [and say, posibly, woodchucks] and to say I have a 1911. I am thankfull for your input
  2. robctwo

    robctwo New Member

    You are right in the sweet spot for the 1911. I have a SA loaded with target sights and a S&W Commander with alloy frame. The S&W has a better trigger out of the box than the SA I bought. The Dan Wesson looks good and gets good reviews. Stainless full size with adjustable sights is a great way to start.
  3. littlegator

    littlegator New Member

    Welcome to THR Farmer Dan! I too have been looking for my first 1911 and want stainless as well. Take a look at the ParaOrd PXT 1911 SSP Gun Rights. I like it because it doesn't have front serrations. Additionally, the Taurus PT1911 is in your range. I assume you are looking for a 5" gov't model. Good luck looking!
  4. WoofersInc

    WoofersInc New Member

    Asking which 1911 is best is going to get you probably about a thousand different answers. I have 8 different 1911's and each one is a little bit different. If possible shoot as many as you can first ( friends or rentals at the range) and then decided which you like best. You will find many good choices since so many companies are building 1911's. Good luck with your search..
  5. Wildfire

    Wildfire New Member

    So many

    Hey there:
    There are so many out there it crazy. I have a Colt that I have used for competition for many years. Funny part is the last state shoot I was in , I was the only one useing a Colt. It has been a very good gun. I also have a kimber and they are very hard to beat. A freind just got the Smith & w. I was not that Impressed. A good Springfield will serve you well. But After all the years of carry and competition I vote for the Kimber #1 Springfield #2.
    Good luck with what ever. The Kimbers are the most accurate that I have seen.
  6. Big Boomer

    Big Boomer New Member

    I chose Springfield over the Smith & Wesson, now I am not that familiar with Dan Wesson, but from what I have read they are great firearms as well.

    The main reason for choosing the Springer over the Smith was the ejector. Internal vs external. I chose to go the way that JMB had intended it to be.

    I am happy as can be. Now saying that, if you do choose a Loaded, be careful not every one is as finely done as another. Some of the feedramps might need a little more touch up, some slide to frame fit is just mind blowing! You really need to feel each one to determine if it's not just a "good" one but a "great" one. IMHO the loaded gives a lot for the $.

    Once again still not sure about the DW because I don't really know much about them, but seriously check out the loaded.
  7. sparkyguy

    sparkyguy member

    Springfield Loaded 1911 in SS

    I love mine. Trigger was excellent out of the box(don't know what others are talking about) and it is accurate as all get out. I don't have adj sights(don't feel I really need them), I have the Novak sights. I've only had it for a month or so, but more then a few ppl have commented on what a nice gun it is in that time.
  8. farmmer dan

    farmmer dan New Member

    Thanks a lot for your input ,it means a lot. However it seems to me, that we need some Dan Wesson owners in the field. I went to my gunsmith today and picked up several 1911s. The Dan Wesson was the one that caught my eye but my gunsmith said that there is a 100$ rebate on the Smith and Wesson that i wanted but there were none in stock. So when he gets them in stock I will go back and compare.
  9. sdj

    sdj New Member

    S&W Customer Service is very good

    In the event you opt for the S&W you'll have the added benefit of excellent customer service. I have used their customer service twice. Once by choice, for some trigger work, and once for a full-sized all-steel 1911 that was having issues with extraction. In each instance, S&W's customer service was excellent, beyond expectations.

    Good luck and welcome.
  10. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    Right now is a great time to be a 1911 fan, buyer & shooter. With a basic design almost 100 years old and we now have more; well-manufactured selections from a broader range of makers, in a wider range of barrel lengths, frame materials, sight styles, finish types, and more pistol-specific accessories than Batman's Utility Belt. And those choices are being machined on CNC equipment able to hold tighter tolerances than the finest hand-fitted examples of only 25 years ago.
    It's remarkable when we stop to remember that the Ford Motor Company, Harley Davidson Motorcycles & the Wright Brothers First Flight were all born at about the same time that J.M. Browning was penning the original 1911 design. Cars, motorcycles & airplanes have all evolved into machines almost unrecognizable from their origins...yet the 1911 is STILL recognised among the finest modern handguns you can shoot. And STILL the choice of a strong percentage of the most elite gunfighters in the world. Amazing...simply amazing.
  11. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2008
  12. hanno

    hanno New Member

    Well, any of the pistols you named would make a great choice and I doubt you would be unhappy with any of them. I just bought a Dan Wesson and am very impressed with the fit, finish and quality of the parts. I don't own a Springfield or S&W 1911 but I've looked at them at my local gun shop. I came close to grabbing a S&W but the DW just seemed like the right choice when comparing. No knock on the Springfield or S&W, I just preferred the DW. I may yet get a S&W 1911 to keep my S&W revolvers company.
    As others have noted, the customer service from S&W is simply first rate.
    The DW PM7
  13. Whitman31

    Whitman31 New Member

    I just got home from qualifying for my Conceal/Carry permit with my DW 1911 Bobtail. I gotta say, pick one of these up and play with it a bit before you make your decision. I won't knock any of the other 1911's out there. I've got an old Llama 1911 that shoots just fine. I'm just saying give the 4.25" Bobtail a chance.

    I'm not really sure what else to say, I've got a DW, I love it, but you can't really go wrong with any of the models you mentioned. Good luck...

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