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Wanting an AR type, mil-spec in 308 Win.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by zedheadmc, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. zedheadmc

    zedheadmc Well-Known Member

    I carried and used the M16 from 1979 to 1991. I like it and believe it to be a good rifle. And for some reason I believe that I need and want (heavy on the want) a mil-spec, in semi of course, AR in 308 Win. Nothing fancy just functional.
    What do you folks suggest?
    By the way the reason for 308 Win. is for ammo/case sharing with another rifle I already own, nothing against the 5.56.
  2. ckay

    ckay Well-Known Member

    Fulton Armory, DPMS, Rock River, and Armalite are just a few. I favor the AR10 but the DPMS is a nice piece. Rock River finally released their .308 offering. Haven't handled one yet.

    Are you looking to build or just buy a complete rifle?
  3. IronSightRot671

    IronSightRot671 Well-Known Member

    There been nothing but good reviews on the DPMS 308. Search for reviews on them, and such. I personally never handled one but they look like there at a resonable price. here is a page of diffrent configurations on the platform.

  4. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

    No 308 "AR" pattern rifle is really "mil spec" other than the SR-25 and the original AR-10, by definition:
  5. zedheadmc

    zedheadmc Well-Known Member

    One off the shelf and ready to go more than likely the way I'd go.
    I looked at Armalite and DPMS. Looked neat but I only want to buy a rifle not part of the compnay that made it.
    Do they all run around the $1000 range?
  6. ckay

    ckay Well-Known Member

    Yessir all around $1000 range...I think DPMS is more reasonably priced than the Armalites. You looking for a carbine or rifle length? I built my 24" Armalite T for around $1300 all said and done but I scrounged around for about three months for parts. If you need some resources, I dealt with two people that have been great to me in getting individual parts and such.

    As far as DPMS, they were basically one of the only games in town but then came along RRA and their long awaited rifle. My experiences with DPMS and RRA in the 5.56 platform, I lean towards RRA.

  7. dr0

    dr0 Active Member

    I have the DPMS. A few things to consider. They have several models. The target models with bull barrels don't have bolt forward assists. This can be a pain in the butt if the rifle jams. Because of the AR's design if the rifle jams with the bolt not moving fully forward into battery the gun is stuck bad. You can't break the action. Without a forward assist I needed to find a small allen wrench, put it in one of the holes in the bolt and drive it forward by pushing and pounding on the allen wrench.

    By the way this happened the first time I was shooting the rifle and it was in a very very harsh desert environment with blowing dust. Since then I've used a little more lube (the FN doesn't need as much as the AR in my experience) and try to keep it out of blowing sand and haven't had a problem.

    Also the 18" barrel'd rifle is very heavy and puts out a big big flame, as there is no flash hider on it. Nor is one likely to find one to fit the 3/4 of an inch barrel.

    On the other hand, the thing is a tack driver. I can group a few inches at 300yards all day, with semi-cheap ammo. Also, it's very pleasant to shoot.

    The newer ones, that look like the current issue army rifle, have forward assist plungers, and dust covers. The target ones don't have dust covers.

    If I had it to do over I'd like the top end with those features. I'd probably go for the 24 inch barrel to get the flame down to size I do love the accuracy and even the SWAT guys with their $3000 Accuracy International rigs were pretty impressed with the groups I was shooting at 300 yards.

    One reason I like the DPMS over the Armalite that the magazines are pupose built for it and work well. (Except the original plastic ones, they are pretty bad) The Armalite uses modified M-14 magazines. (The Bushmaster used FN magazines.) The DPMS magazines interchage with the ones for the Stoner SR-25.

    The AR-10 is a really great gun. Despite the teathing problems I would buy it (or another variation) again. DPMS has been excellent to deal with. They sent me replacement mags at no cost when the steel ones came out.

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