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Wanting to get into competitive shooting

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Jerk, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Jerk

    Jerk Member

    After long consideration I have decided to look into getting back into competitive pistol shooting. When I was younger i used to do "rapid fire" pistol shooting with my uncle using a .22lr. When you shoot five rounds in a given amount of time. 25 Meter Rapid Fire Pistol .
    This is what I would like to get back into. I need suggestions on what gear I need specifically which .22lr auto target pistol I should consider. I plan on visiting the range during an event to get a better feel of what to expect and see what other shooters have for gear. Also, does anyone have a rough estimate on how much money a year you would spend on this activity.
    I am new to this forum and appreciate any information i receive.
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  2. twofifty

    twofifty Well-Known Member

    metallic silhouette

    Suggest you look into smallbore (22LR) metallic silhouette matches in your area.
  3. Japle

    Japle Well-Known Member

  4. 1SOW

    1SOW Well-Known Member

    .22 Steel Challenge-type shooting is a good match for your wants. It's usually a time only scoring (misses add time), so both accuracy and speed are necessary.

    Any decent quality semi will get you started. New or used-- Ruger, , "older" High Standards, up to Smith model 41 or a centerfire with a 22 conversion kit will put you in the game.

    As said, 4 or more mags are needed. Your preference in sights will 'end up' being important for accurate speed shooting.

    As you said, find a place that conduct's matches, or better yet, has a 'league' and go. Watch, listen and ask. They'll likely help you decide what you need.
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  5. Red Cent

    Red Cent Well-Known Member

  6. Mike OTDP

    Mike OTDP Well-Known Member

    If you're serious about Olympic Rapid Fire, head over to www.targettalk.com

    That's where the International-style shooters hang out.

    That being said, the event is currently dominated by the Pardini SP. But things are in flux. The rules have changed...now, it's .22LR, not short. And while the Pardini is leading the pack, there are other choices, notably the Match Guns MG2 and Walther SSP.

    I hope you can find a training range - that's the hardest part.
  7. Jerk

    Jerk Member

    Everyones input is very much appreciated. I have gotten some very good info. Thank you.

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