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Ward's Western Field .308 Model EJN-753

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by Coveter, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Hello all, I'm newly registered but have used this site for a few years as a great resource for a lot of handloading, gunsmithing and general information for my firearms. I recently acquired an old rifle that used to belong to my grandfather R.I.P. and I'm having a very difficult time acquiring it's origination and manufacturer's (plural, my research leads me to believe more than one hand was involved in it's production). I've used all the cross reference sheets that refer to Montgomery Ward's firearms and my model number just doesn't exist. First of all I assume EJN is from colt and it does have twelve groove rifling so I'll assume the barrel is from them (or Jefferson Firearms contracted through colt), the FN (Fabrique Nationale) is Herstal Group so it's a mauser and also the "Made in Belgium" maybe the barrel could have come from FN as well, bottom mag plate looks like it's stamped 77 as well as bolt handle(no pics of bolt, having it cleaned). I dunno I'm lost there's so much this and that about this rifle I just need some clear answers. It makes no sense why there is no record of this model number. Hope the pics help and I do greatly appreciate any feedback or resources, links ETC. you all may have. Thank you

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  2. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    More Pics

    More pictures, hope it helps, thank you.

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  3. natman

    natman Well-Known Member

    It's a commercial FN Mauser action. That's a good thing, they are very high quality actions. Some of the Wards FN Mausers had Microgroove barrels made by Marlin, it sounds like yours was one of them.


    This gun is probably from the 50's or early 60's. I don't think Colt was involved nor that the Herstal Group owned FN then.

    Sears and JC Penny had similar rifles.
  4. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    Both Wards and Sears procured FN actions and had rifles built.
    Sears used HS ( because they controlled High Standard ) to barrel and stock theirs, I'm not sure who barreled and stocked Wards, but I've never heard the name Colt used in reference to these guns:D They are very good rifles and often don't get the respect they deserve.
  5. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Well-Known Member

    The little bit of information that I have gleaned from the internet is an excerpt from answers.com.

    I could not find a reference to Jefferson Firearms though.

  6. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Thanks for the posts, it has helped me a great deal. I'm looking to get a new stock and hopefully a ten round mag for it, any suggestions on what will be compatible?
  7. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    Likely the ONLY "hi capacity" mag you will find will be an old WW1 German 20 round magazine for 7.9x57mm.
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  8. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Damn, looks like I'm outta luck, oh well 5 is enough I guess, now I need to replace this crappy stock.....
  9. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Anybody know if this stock would work? PART #: MSS1500 ATI Mauser 98 Stock with Built-In Weaver Scope Rail. FITS: Standard Bent Bolt, Large-Ring, German K-98’s, Czech VZ-24, Yugo 48/48a, Turkish 1903/1937/1938/1946 etc. 7mm or 8mm caliber

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  10. timtube

    timtube New Member

    I found this thread while researching a recent purchase of a cousin of the above rifle.


    I had originally thought the "Made in Belgium" was on the barrel, but after looking at the pics above I realize it is on action. The pics of mine really don't look like EJN, more like EJL, but I'm guessing it is EJN. Here is the link to the MFG codes:


    Other resarch indicates that Jefferson used a sort of odd-ball 12 groove barrel on both the Colt (Coltsman) and Monkey Ward rifles. I was just sort jonesing for an old quality mauser beater deer rifle, hopefully it'll be a shooter.
  11. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Thank you soo much, I knew it had something to do with Jefferson because of the 12 groove rifling, eveything else including the proof marks, model number barrel and action stamps are identical to mine, thanks again for the help. By the way I found a compatible stock for it and Boyd's came out to about $79.00 with shipping, I also found another manufactured by Butler Creek for only $39.99. Heres the link:

  12. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Also Thank you everyone else for your input, it is very much appreciated.
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  13. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Now all I need is a Trench Mag that's been converted to 10 round cap. Sucks to live in California with so many anti gun politicians and voters! I'll post pics when the stock is cured and I have it fully assembled, picked up a genuine K98 rear, elevation adjustable sight for it as well for under $5, retrofitted front sight to fiber optic, installed a bipod, see through scope rings (for close shots) had to replace scope bases with weaver #45 & #46, the old bases were slanted funky to mount the western field scope that were only compatible with their scope rings. Limbsaver recoil pad, and a simple 1 point sling, I'm almost finished.....just need that mag. Thanks all, maybe I'll post pics later today if I have time, take care all and thanks for all the help. By the way, still haven't gotten the bolt back, wife made me hand over the bolt, my nova tactical firing pin assembly, and CZ 75BD barrel to her sister because I'm manic depressive and she thinks I'll shoot myself, haha, guns r the only thing that makes me happy, I'd rather overdose on my meds or drive my car doing 120 into a cement pillar, at least she doesn't know about the .22 conversion I have installed on the CZ, clips loaded and ready to go, I live in a bad neighborhood, it's too bad she doesn't see guns the way I do. Take care all!!!
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  14. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Finished Restoration AND I GOT MY GUNS BACK!!!!

    Took me long enough but I'm Finally finished, can't wait to take it to the range.

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    Last edited: Dec 8, 2010
  15. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    Very interesting post, all aspects of it.
  16. dacavasi

    dacavasi Well-Known Member

    Very sweet! You realize, now that you've taken us all this far, you OWE us a range report, right???
  17. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Range Report Coming soon

    Been really busy with work and the kids but I'm hoping to take it out sometime within the next month. I'll let you all know how well it performs, also I'll post some updated pics, I've changed my setup a little bit. Thanks again all, later.
  18. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    I will be going to the range next thursday, I will give you guys a great range report! Later.
  19. Coveter

    Coveter Member

    Need a Barrel for My Rifle

    Hello all, I know it's been almost 2 years since I last posted but I wanted to give you my range report. I was using LC Brass loaded with RL-15 CCI Bench Rest Primers and 168gr Hornady A-Max projectiles. The largest group I had was about a 3" spread at 200 yards! This thing performs amazingly. I wish I had the targets but I went to an outdoor range where you couldn't retrieve your targets.

    I wanted to ask if everyone if you know of a replacement barrel that is compatible with my rifle. I want a Stainless Steel Match Barrel but I will settle for anything compatible in 5.56X54 7.62X39 7.62X54R .300 Win or .30-06 pretty much anything from varmint to Bear calibers. If you have any resources, links or a barrel of your own you care to part with please let me know, I really appreciate it. Thanks all, Best Regards!!
  20. 303tom

    303tom member

    The Western Field 750`s were Mauser...............

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