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waterbury ct gets new m&p 40

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by johnchamp, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. johnchamp

    johnchamp Well-Known Member

    i heard the news that waterbury ct got rid of there sig 229 and got the new m&p 40. smith& wesson took there sigs as trade ins and they even gave them holsters.:cool:oh yes hartford pd has the m&p 45
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2008
  2. zx12rider

    zx12rider Well-Known Member

    Wow local news

    I live in Waterbury CT. I had not heard that yet, very cool tho. I was at a fair in Canton (girlfriend's house is in Avon) 2 weekends ago and their cops had Smith 3rd gen but a sergent had an M&P. My next purchase is going to be a M&P 45 Midsized with thumb safety, either from sportsman's outpost or Chris in Bethany.
  3. ctdemolay0405

    ctdemolay0405 Active Member

    yea, but the state still has thier 229's in .40 cal. i live right outside waterbury
  4. Twitch

    Twitch Member

    I'll have to be on the lookout next time I see cop. I could just ask my cousin since he's a cop here too, but since I only see him once a year it would be weird.

    The Waterbury PD has a pretty nice website with a bunch of history. I think it mentions some of the firearms they used in the past.
  5. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    What is the .45 Midsize?
  6. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre Well-Known Member

    Seems like just yesterday that the 229 was the "new kid on the block" now it's old news <grin>.
  7. Marcus L.

    Marcus L. Well-Known Member

    The M&P .40 seems to be a good pistol so far. It has better ergonomics and feel than the P229. The only downside I would say to the M&P is that it uses a slower twist rate for the sake of reducing recoil and increasing barrel life at the price of accuracy with heavier bullet weights which require a more aggressive rifling twist.

    The Department of Interior tested 5 P229 pistols and each processed approximately 30k rounds of high recoil 155gr defensive ammunition. Immigration and Customs Enforcement also tested 5 P229s and fired 30k of high recoil 155gr defensive ammunition through each pistol. The US Coast Guard followed the exact same testing phase, only they incorporated extreme environmental contitions. Then you have of course the Department of Homeland Security which did similar torture tests in 2004 that testing almost 300 different pistols and fired over 3-million rounds. All of these agencies tested Glocks and H&Ks in addition to various other pistols. The P229s won out overall.

    Not to bash Waterbury, but with a city population of 100k I doubt that they had the funds to put their weapons through as rigorous a testing program as the large Federal agencies do. Then again, perhaps they are confident in their limited testing. I would feel confident carrying my M&P .40 on duty......but, lets look at things from the perspective of actually time in the field.
  8. ctdemolay0405

    ctdemolay0405 Active Member

    umm also, from the cops i've seen in WTBY, they carry glocks, the only sigs i've seen were state police and UCONN police, other than that....
  9. zx12rider

    zx12rider Well-Known Member

    M&P 45 Midsize

    The midsize is a full length grip and a 4" barrel instead of the longer 4.5". I think it gives it a cleaner look and easier to conceal.
  10. NG VI

    NG VI Well-Known Member

    Oh. I was hoping it would be something like a 4" or even the full 4.5" barrel with a slightly shortened grip. I find the grip to be the toughest part a gun to hide. 1/2" of barrel length only means a small difference in seated comfort.
  11. CZF

    CZF Well-Known Member

    Like Ohio cops and other across the nation that have adopted the

    They should be well served by the M&P.

    I'd like to see the 9mms offered with a thumb safety, too.
  12. Dutch1911

    Dutch1911 Well-Known Member

    I purchased an M&P .40 full size over the summer. I'm a POST firearms instructor and carried it on the range during the week of our last patrol academy.
    Prior to this I ran 300 rounds through it cleaning every 100 allowing to break in appropriately.
    Over this last week, I ran several hundred rounds through it and accomplished the instructor course scoring a full possible during a lunch break.
    I was quite happy with the results. Though I'm not so thrilled about the trigger and all the gravel I'm hauling. It really isn't bad, I suppose when you work a 1911 moving to something different, is well... different.
  13. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    They could probably sell those Sigs for about what the M&P's cost- smart move for S&W...
  14. zx12rider

    zx12rider Well-Known Member


    I am glad someone else likes the thumb safety on a carry gun. It works for the 1911 and I feel better reholstering a light trigger (I plan on having the trigger worked) with the safety on. I still lower my thumb on my sigs when I shoot them as if there was a safety. I would be ALL over a M&P 9 with safety.
  15. boomstik45

    boomstik45 Well-Known Member


    You're going to love the M&P .45 4". It does indeed have a cleaner look to it. What's odd is that it actually feels more balanced as well, and it IS a little easier to conceal. I traded my fullsize M&P in for one. I like it a lot. I like the full-sized .40 and 9mm versions as well. But check out the compact .45 version too, if you get a chance. The beavertail is truncated somewhat (but still prominent enough to give a comfortable grip). It comes with one mag without the pinky extension, and one mag WITH that extension. With the extension, it's more comfortable than any Glock 30 or 36 I've ever put my hands on, whether they had grip/mag extensions or not. All that, and the barrel is still 4", same as the midsize.

    But I opted for the midsize anyway. Still easy for me to conceal, 10rd mags instead of 8 rounders, and a full size grip. I'm happy...
  16. boomstik45

    boomstik45 Well-Known Member


    I work fairly closely in law enforcement with the Coast Guard and U.S. Customs. The Coasties are indeed using P229s, while Customs has transitioned from the G17 to the HK P2000. Some of them are not pleased with the choice. I'd take the Sig any day. With both barrels of course. :D
  17. johnchamp

    johnchamp Well-Known Member

    id look again they do have the m&p 40 in waterbury ct. also look at there holsters the have the safariland 6280 holsters. just flag down a officer and ask him for directions and look at his weapon:D

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