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We need a brass sizing service!

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by fulloflead, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. fulloflead

    fulloflead Well-Known Member

    I like to reload assembly-line style.
    That is: size a bunch, bell a bunch prime a bunch and then toss them all in baggies until I'm ready to charge them and seat a bullet for whatever I feel like doing at the time.

    The problem is, I hate the sizing & belling stages. I wish someone would do it for me instead of me standing there and pulling the handle for hundreds or thousands of rounds.

    I wish I could ship about 5000 rounds of 10mm to a company for them to size and bell for me and ship them back. I'd totally be willing to pay for it.

    Does anyone else think this busywork is a service you'd pay for?

  2. layusn1

    layusn1 Well-Known Member

    I guess so since someone is paying me to fully process 223 and it is a lot more involved than what you are wanting for 10mm. One problem with 10mm would be the return shipping. You would have to make sure they are shipped back in a sturdy manner so that the case mouths are not damaged after they are belled. Heck, I would even polish the brass, clean the primer pockets, and debur/uniform the flash holes for you too. I would say to make 100% sure this would be a good route:


    I have a C&R and I get the dealer discount so they are only $9.79 to dealers.

    Other than that if you are serious PM me and lets talk!!!...That goes for other calibers/people as well but we would have to talk if I don't have the dies for the caliber you want done and shipping both ways would defiantly have to be on you.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2007
  3. fulloflead

    fulloflead Well-Known Member


    I'm serious. PM coming.

  4. layusn1

    layusn1 Well-Known Member

    One back at you.
  5. jwr_747

    jwr_747 Well-Known Member

    any local reloading outfit would do it. here in North Alabama,Alabama Ammo would be glad to do it.lots of folks take their brass there to let them do various steps up to and including reloading. jwr
  6. snuffy

    snuffy Well-Known Member

    Then sit down and do it! I can't imagine standing while loading?! Never have and never will.

    Oh, and as far as belling, for lead bullets or jacketed? For me there's a huge difference in the amount of belling I put on the two.
  7. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

    Go get'em Snuffy
  8. tasco 74

    tasco 74 Well-Known Member

    i just got off the phone with a friend who needed some 30-06 cases sized so we did a deal because he had some .38-.357 mag plastic boxes i was wanting...... i have done it before for him.... as for standing the best thing i've found to reload off of is one of those computer chairs they had a few years ago...... the ones with the kneel pads and seat and no back.... i like it better than any other chair i've used..... mine has large wheels so i can move around my loading room without getting up.............
  9. 1911user

    1911user Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one thinking a progressive press is the solution? One handle pull yields one loaded round....
  10. Bronson7

    Bronson7 Well-Known Member

    1911, thinking the same. Makes perfect sense to me.
  11. 45ACPUSER

    45ACPUSER Well-Known Member

    Buy a Dillon and never look back!
  12. 45ACPUSER

    45ACPUSER Well-Known Member

    farming out your reloading operations is sort of foolish, no sense of quality control let alone other issues like getting your brass back?
  13. layusn1

    layusn1 Well-Known Member

    Shhhhh...your taking food off my family's table...if he wants to pay for it let him :) Maybe he is a really busy guy and only has time to squeeze in loading but not case prep :)
  14. kellyj00

    kellyj00 Well-Known Member

    I've got a lee turret press. I don't mind the extra two pulls of the lever on carbide dies. Life is easy when you reload pistol ammo.
  15. fulloflead

    fulloflead Well-Known Member

    Hey, layusn1, was very nice to me and we came to an agreement.

    It'll save me from buying a progressive for another several years.
    10mm is the last caliber that I want a WHOLE BUNCH of.
    If someone else sizes and bells for me, I can drop in the charge and bullets I want and end up with a bunch of the loads I want.

    Don't worry, layusn1, I won't let these guys talk me out of it.:)

  16. layusn1

    layusn1 Well-Known Member

    Well, After fully processing 12,000 223 cases for a 3-gun shooter this will be a nice break :) Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to working with you.
  17. wrangler5

    wrangler5 Well-Known Member

    The Lee Loadmaster is easy to use for the kind of partial processing you describe. Set up a toolhead for your caliber, fill the primer feeder, but leave the powder hopper empty (or just use the thru-powder die that comes with a Lee die set), fill the case feeder tubes and start cranking. Take the sized/primed/belled case out when it rotates to the seater stage and bag it. Or, leave the seater and crimp stage holes empty, let the cases be ejected into the catcher and bag 'em later.

    When it comes time to load 'em, it's easy to stick cases in at the powder drop stage, or if you load powder separately you can stick the loaded case in to the seater stage just as easily.

    I do this fairly regularly when I'm working up a bunch of slightly different rifle loads to find the best accuracy with a new bullet - prep the cases but do the powder with a separate measure, sometimes even trickling each powder load up to perfect in a scale. Then back into the press for bullet seating and crimp. Finished rounds are dumped into a catcher, so I can do a run of 10 or 20 before stopping to box them up in a marked container.
  18. HiWayMan

    HiWayMan Well-Known Member

    There is no free lunch in reloading.

    ........unless you're a heathen and use a Dillion.:neener:
  19. fulloflead

    fulloflead Well-Known Member

    That's a great idea. When I DO, eventually, get a progressive, I think I'll do that. Thanks.


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