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Went shooting saturday, some observations...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by mfree, May 30, 2004.

  1. mfree

    mfree Well-Known Member

    Went out to guncraft saturday with my entire "arsenal"... decided to write down some mental notes to get any feedback.

    Overall: I've still got a flinch, but not as bad. I'm thinking too much when I have a weapon in my hand. I also had the shakes pretty bad and my hands were sweating. Allll due to not getting enough range time and shooting unfamiliar weapons.

    Walther P22: Well, when I got it I manually cycled some ammo through it and identified a problem.... too sharp of a corner on the machining for the breech that was catching the nose of plated bullets and gouging them (and subsequently jamming). I fixed that with a fine needle file (horrors!) and tightened a loose barrel nut.... got it to where I could manually cycle through a full magazine of what was supposed to be troublesome ammo, federal bulk pack from wally-world.

    Yesterday was the first day I'd gotten it to the range.

    Through ~380 rounds of bulk pack, all I had.... not one gun-related malfunction. I had two human-error malfunctions, on slide lock, I'd insert a fresh magazine, hit the slide release, and it'd stop halfway closed. I'd had my finger on the slide and had stopped it's motion accidently. All it took to fix that was pushing forward a little to get it past the "hump" wher it stopped.... that's the hammer riding over where the "pin" safety and slide match up. there's a little dip and it gets caught if you impede the slide with your fingers. Only other problems, two things. After about 300 rounds, I noticed the barrel nut had loosened. I tightened it tighter than I had before, and it stayed put through the last 80. The gun also put two spent shells into my forehead/eyes, but that was around the 290 mark so I figure the barrel shifting back was screwing with the extractor hook.

    So, my review of the walther P22 is that for my purposes, high-speed plink, it's excellent. I wouldn't use the DA mode, pull's nasty; and I'd look it over carefully before actually using it, some of the factory fit and finish is off (see above). Oh, and clear all the pasty gunk factory lube before you use it, it's like glue.

    CZ52: Woohoo! I did nothing to this gun but load a box of S&B in it. Great trigger, no malf's whatsoever, threw brass back into the seats 8' behind me :) Made nice lovely big holes in the target and I could see the fireball, it was so cool! Recoil wasn't terrible, sharp with a tiny bit of muzzle flip. I love it :)

    The only thing I couldn't see were the sights.... plain iron, blade in round notch, grey parkerized. I need to dab a little white paint on the backs of them so I can see them in the dim light. As a result, I wasn't bringing the blade up to the top of the notch after firing, so my aim point was a little left and pretty far down, like around the bottom ring on a medium sized silhouette target at 7 yards.

    CZ75 Compact: I've had this gun for a while. Now having two other guns, I'm seeing a problem..... I think the stock recoil spring has died. The brass isn't going too far, but recoil is *heavy* and muzzle flip is just nasty. I thought I was limp-wristing it, but I realized that no matter how tight my grip and how tense my muscles it still flipped to the ceiling. The slide stop is bending a little too. I can't hit the broad side of a barn with it now, and it made me flinch so bad that I was starting to close my eyes as it *appeared* that the weapon was going to ping me in the forehead. I'm not a weak man, I've squeezed pliers so hard before that they crack in two at the joints. There's a *problem* here if this is happening with 115 grain winchester white box. There's a point where you realize that it's not you, it's the tool.

    If I had a quick and easy way to test the stock spring, I'd do it. I have a sneaky suspicion, even though I'm not familiar with springs, it'll show less than 10 pounds. I'll but a call to Wolff *soon*.

    On the good side, however, I bought a box of gold dot to test and see if it would function. I shot half the box, ten... exactly the right amount for a full magazine, and it ate it like everything else (with the same nasty recoil).

    Now, time to clean everything :)
  2. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    It sounds like a productive and enjoyable day at the range.
  3. Jrob24

    Jrob24 Well-Known Member

    I was considering the cz75 compact until I found out a bunchof guns couldn't be purchased here :banghead:

    On Saturday I got my uncle to come to my range and I fired his Beretta 85. It's sharp recoil allowed for faster follow up shots than my P99 but the sights weren't good.

    I recommend firing more than 10 rounds to test reliability. I put 100 gold dots through my P99. They sometimes are sold in bulk packs in case you didn't know. While you're cleaning them could you clean mine too? :)
  4. mfree

    mfree Well-Known Member

    Oh, absolutely I'll be doing more testing, but this is the way it went down... I went to the shop looking for a box of tokarev for the 52. I got that, and figured I'd see what else is up, and ended up with a 20 count box of gold-dot 9mm.

    I shot *all* the ammo for everything else.... meaning that I'd have WWB and gold-dot left. I'd rather have a full magazine worth of gold dots handy that I'm fairly sure will work than have the little can of 7 WWB I keep for emergencies as all I have left and no gold-dots that I'm certain would work :)

    If SHTF I figure it'd be better to have a few gold-dot to use than WWB that may stop the BG but then proceed to attempt to stop the interior wall, the siding, and the neighbor's windows of shingles.

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