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Went to outdoor range today

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by dmxx9900, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. dmxx9900

    dmxx9900 Well-Known Member

    Went to a local outdoor range today payed $20 to get in and I brought two rifles a ruger 10-22 and a Yugo M70ab2 first thing that griped me was I could not load more then 1 round in my AK magazine even though it was a 30 round magazine and I had a 40 round one with me too so it was a waste bringing magazines since I could only put one round at a time.I think this is a rule because they were have problems with dummies bump firing and being reckless with rounds so the range does not allow rapid fire and Mag fed center fire rifles with more then 1 round at a time loaded.And my Ruger 10-22 was allowed only up to 10 rounds loaded so the 25 round mag was unnecessary for this trip.

    I had problems with my 10-22 it jammed two times only after 50-60 shots and the sites are off I hit the target to the left all the time and I missed quite a few shots.I was a better shot with the AK I got most shots on the outer ring at 25 yards.At 50 yards I did worse but still managed to keep some shots on the target.The sites were also off and It also shot left alot.Still had fun at the range despite the problems and I will get a member ship which is inexpensive it will get me more privileges like being able to load up the mags fully and have more leeway with fast firing.
    It was quite full today but it was a blast and I became a better shot then last time.
  2. yakkingallover

    yakkingallover Well-Known Member

    Which range is it? I am in Florida also and some ranges here have rough rules like you described. Not to be negative but if both rifles shot left maybe look at the shooter. It usually works for me...
  3. dmxx9900

    dmxx9900 Well-Known Member

    Wyoming antelope club
    It was part of my fault but sights were also responsible for it.
  4. MAKOwner

    MAKOwner Well-Known Member

    Have these rifles ever been sighted in by you? Don't you go to the range equipped to make sighting adjustments on your weapons?

    That one round in the mag rule would force me to never visit that range again...
  5. RonE

    RonE Well-Known Member

    The range probably has the rules for good reasons....If the range is a club range, join the club, become president and change the rule. If it is private, buy it and change the rules. It is probably a good thing you can only load 1 round in the AK, shooting to the left at 25 and 50 yards would have wasted a lot of ammo with rapid fire and might have frustrated you even more.

    Good luck in getting the guns sighted in.
  6. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt go. just sounds foolish to have to load one round at a time in a centerfire. Wonder does the same thing apply with lever actions. if it does i would never go. i guess if they have shot gun trap shooting. it may be hard trying to hit to claybirds when you can only load 1 at a time.
  7. Funderb

    Funderb Well-Known Member

    thats ridiculous, go somewhere else.
  8. Defensory

    Defensory Well-Known Member

    If it's a range that sells memberships, you'll probably get a lot more privileges regarding how may rounds you can load, if you buy a membership.

    At the private outdoor range I belong to, you can use any size magazine you like. You can shoot anything from single-shots through semi-autos, with virtually no limitations except for standard safety rules. You do have to obtain permission from the board of directors though, before you fire full auto. That's primarily because there are quite a few homes in the area.
  9. dmxx9900

    dmxx9900 Well-Known Member

    There are not alot of outdoor ranges in my area and the indoor range in my area is very expensive.
  10. moooose102

    moooose102 Well-Known Member

    that makes me glad i shoot in the woods, with nobody else to tell me what i can, or can't do.
  11. txdude321

    txdude321 Active Member

    that range seems pretty strict, the gun range i am a member at lets you load up your mags as much as you want, hell its only your money your shootin away :) . You cant shoot full auto tho which isnt a factor for me
  12. ar10

    ar10 Well-Known Member

    I can see their point of view and why they do it. I'm not sure I would agree with that particular rule though.

    When we get "new" shooters on our range whether it's a small handgun or monster rifle. They all go to the bays next to the range office. We watch them very closely to verify they know and understand the basics of gun safety. We don't restrict the type of gun they shoot, except for automatic's (they have to have their class 3 license with them). No matter what they shoot they are all on the 150' range until we can be assured they know what they're doing.
    It doesn't make much sense to me to restrict a shooter to a single round in a weapon that requires a magazine. They have to know how to load it, aim it, and shoot it. That whole process is watched to make sure they know what they're doing.
  13. Majic

    Majic Well-Known Member

    You should ask for a listing of the rules for members before laying out any money.
    Does the rule also apply to bolt guns and leverguns?
  14. dmxx9900

    dmxx9900 Well-Known Member

    I think bolt guns are exempt and lever guns I do not know but I assume you can load it all the way.
  15. dmxx9900

    dmxx9900 Well-Known Member

    So I can go to Pasco county in some wooded area and just go shooting there?
  16. Rugerlvr

    Rugerlvr Well-Known Member

    1 round???

    That's nuts.

    The ranges around here just have a no-rapid-fire rule. No more than 1 shot per second.

    If you violate that, they will admonish you or ask you to leave. I think everyone's polite enough to follow the rules.

    That 1 round rule is absolutely bizarre.
  17. dogmush

    dogmush Well-Known Member

    Wyoming Antelope Club (you mean the one in Clearwater right?) is a club-owned range. They're pretty strict on non-members because a large industrial area has sprung up around them. There are businesses and traveled roads 500-1000 yds in any direction, so it doesn't take much elevation to be dropping 7.62X39 on the nieghbors. And shooters around here have proven to be not polite enough to follow the rules. The rules are much more lax for members. I've also shot 2-gun and IPSC matches there, so you can sometimes load more then 1 round. I get the feeling they're almost trying to discourage non-members from coming, for whatever reason. FWIW I'm not a member, and don't shoot there unless there's a match I want to go to.

    If you're only going to shoot at 50 yds, go to Knight's Shooting on US19, it's only $14/hr, indoor, nicely maintaind with friendly RSO's that do a good job on keeping everyone safe. You can load your mags up there as well, just don't shoot the ceiling. The RSO's will also help on zeroing if you ask.

    Manatee has a nice long distance outddor range, but it's about 45 min south and might not be worth the drive untill you're ready for more then 200 yds.

    There's also a 800 yd range in Bartow that I went to with the Army once, pretty nice range but a bit of a drive.

    There's also Shoot Straight on 301 (near the fairgrounds) and one over on Dale-Mabry if you live on that side of the bay.

    For close in work and pistols Knight's is about as good as it gets in Pinellas county.

    No. Don't do that. There might be somewhere around here you can do that, but you had better own the property, and even then expect a visit from the local law. The Pasco County Sheriff would take a dim view to random shooting on public land, and the landowner definatly will on privat land.
  18. dmxx9900

    dmxx9900 Well-Known Member

    I think becoming a member is my best bet in getting more privileges or going to Knights indoor range once in a while.

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