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What caliber do you load the most for and why?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by horsemen61, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. horsemen61

    horsemen61 Well-Known Member

    What caliber do you load the most for and why? I load mostly 38 special why because with 148 grain wadcutters I can load for it very cheap and I enjoy shooting it. Also it being a snubbie 357 mag I feel that I need to practice with it often to stay proficient.
  2. jwrowland77

    jwrowland77 Well-Known Member

    I definitely load .308 win the most. The why is because I recently started shooting FTR and between the 5 matches I've shot it, doing the workups for my match load (2 different bullets, 2 different cases, 2 different powders), and practicing shooting prone with a bipod, I've shot a whole lot more .308 than anything. I shoot approx 150-200 rounds of .308 a month.

    2nd most is .223, and that's because my daughter loves to shoot and she'll be getting into FTR soon as well.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2014
  3. jr_watkins

    jr_watkins Well-Known Member


    40S&W most...because that is what I shoot the most. I typically shoot 150-200 rounds each trip to the range. I shoot much less, maybe fifty 38 spec/357 or 44 spec.

    Rifle I shoot maybe 200 a year of 30-06.
  4. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    Currently 204 Ruger, 300 BLK, 44 Special, 44 Magnum, 38 Special, 9x19, 45 ACP.

    The last three are loaded in large batches once a year or so. I am cycling through reloading them at present gearing up for a 9x19 run, the others to follow.

    44 Special/44 Magnum are new to me so I am having fun shooting and loading them. 204 Ruger is for an upcoming prairie dog hunt, I am sorting out a new rifle and then will make inventory for the hunt soon. 300 BLK is fun to shoot.

    I'm too busy to shoot anything else at the moment but I go through periods of shooting lots of 223 Remington, 30-06, 30 Carbine and 308 Winchester.

    It depends on my mood and what I want to shoot.
  5. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    I load more .45 Colt and .38 Spcl than anything else. They're just what I shoot the most of.

    For rifles, we load more .243 and .30-06.
  6. Potatohead

    Potatohead Well-Known Member

    9 mill,
    It's my only caliber outside of 380 and I gave up on 380 temporarily because I cant get any neck tension.

    Hope to expand the footprint soon though.
  7. plmitch

    plmitch Well-Known Member

    7.62x54r, because my grand girls love to shoot their mosin and its just cheap to shoot.
  8. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    You're not trying to use your 9mm dies to load .380 are you?
    9mm is tapered and .380 is not, so it doesn't work well. It's not like .38/.357 where you can use the same sizing die.
  9. 9mmfan

    9mmfan Well-Known Member

    .45 Colt, due to cost and availability. I wanted something with more oomph than cowboy loads, but I'm not using a Ruger either. It's what got me from just a passing interest in reloading to actually learning to do it.

    Second is .38 special. I own more .38s than any other caliber. One of them is older and while factory jacketed probably won't hurt it, I feel a little better with lead over a conservative load of Unique. Again, it it necessary? Probably not, but I have the means to produce it so why not?

    Both of these have gotten me interested in casting as well, but that's down the road a piece.

    To be fair, I am still VERY new and somewhat green to reloading but am head and shoulders above where I was a year ago. A year that has included very little shooting, but I'm getting there.

    With an eye to the future, I have eight pounds of IMR4895 and a set of dies for .30-06. I'm not really ready for rifle loading yet, from a comfort or equipment standpoint. By the time I run out of M2 ball, I hopefully will be. Loading for my Garand is what is going to get me there.
  10. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    I found it to be just as addictive as handloading personally.
  11. KansasSasquatch

    KansasSasquatch Well-Known Member

    .45acp. It was the caliber that I started with when I began reloading. I have more guns chambered in it than any other caliber, not that I have many firearms in .45acp though. The few people that I reload for have .45acp pistols that my loads are safe in. I enjoy shooting it. And since I have started casting my own boolits I'm reloading it for $4-4.50 per box of 50 rounds depending on exact components.

    Close second would be .223, followed by .38spl.
  12. chiltech500

    chiltech500 Well-Known Member

    45 acp LSWC - cheap and practice for NRA Bullseye
  13. captmoto

    captmoto Well-Known Member

    When I get around to it it will probably be 5.56. Right now I have enough to play around for awhile.
  14. lightman

    lightman Well-Known Member

    223. Its cheap, its fun, and my rifle is very accurate. Lightman
  15. Potatohead

    Potatohead Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the thought though AP.
  16. spitballer

    spitballer Well-Known Member

    I agree with lightman - a .223 is cheap, fun, and accurate. Perfect for the rifle range, which is where I do virtually all of my shooting. I probably load 100 rounds a month or so. I'm not big on hunting but I would consider buying a larger rifle for an occasional hog hunt, seeing as how they're good to eat and have become something of a nuisance.
  17. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Well darn Potatohead. I wonder if you got a faulty sizing die.
  18. germ

    germ Well-Known Member

    ^^ Or oversize expander.
  19. 375supermag

    375supermag Well-Known Member

    Most reloaded caliber would be .357Magnum, followed by .45ACP. Both are loaded by the thousands.
    I currently need to do two 1000 round batches of each.
    I also need to reload at least one 1000 round batch of .38Spl and 9mm each.
    Still need to reload 500 round batches of .44Mag, .44Spl, .41Mag, .45Colt and .45AutoRim.
    That will be enough to get my son and I through a few weeks of the spring shooting season.
    Then I will need to load a few hundred rounds each month to keep our inventories up depending on how much we shoot.

    Rifle ammunition loading is currently on hold. Probably won't get to that until sometime this summer.
  20. Hanshi

    Hanshi Well-Known Member

    I load the .38spl and .45acp in bulk by the thousands and shoot them for the rest of the year. In the .38spl I load Bullseye and wadcutters and the .45acp gets 185, 190 and 200 grain swc with Unique and Bullseye. Along with these are smaller batches of .38s and .45s with other bullets for heavy duty use. The .45 Colt may come in third then the 9mm and .38sup.

    Rifle: .350 Rem mag, .250/3000.

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