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What can anyone tell me about.....

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Joshua Hutchison, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Joshua Hutchison

    Joshua Hutchison Well-Known Member

    the AK's in 5.45X39.5? im interested in hearing about the ammo, guns, parts, avialbility of parts and ammo, makers, all that stuff, i may order one one day
  2. Dead

    Dead Well-Known Member

    BUY!!! Ammo is out there, though at the last few shows I have been to the ammo guys didnt seem to have it. It is always available online though. Mags are available last I checked. The rifle has less recoil than an AR, and is more accurate than the AK-47. Not to mention it shoots flatter as well.. With one of my SAR2's I can hit clay pigeons at 100-200 yards nearly ever shot standing.
  3. Clean97GTI

    Clean97GTI Well-Known Member

    Arsenal Inc. recently released a stamped version (versus the more expensive milled models they carry) of the SLR rifles chambered for 5.45x39.

    They are excellent quality and can be had for under $500 in some places. Not bad at all for a rifle of this quality. I got to shoot one of the first ones my dealer/friend got in. Loved every minute although I'm still a fan of 7.62x39.
    My next long gun purchase may end up being one of these guys. Too bad as I was hoping to add an SKS first. Oh well...guess I got it real bad.

  4. Joshua Hutchison

    Joshua Hutchison Well-Known Member

    WOW thats cheaper then i thought, thanks for the info so far, anyone else have anything about the ammo though? from what i have read, some is made in such a way as to have a pocket of empty space at the tip, and some isnt, so, anyone know about this, and what it does exactly?
  5. Dead

    Dead Well-Known Member

    The emtpy pocket in the tip cause the bullet to deform when it hits something. This in turn causes it to TUMBLE. This is the reason the freedom fighters in Afganistan that were fighting the russians called the 5.45 a poison bullet.

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