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what can i plant for deer browsing

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by mod700, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. mod700

    mod700 New Member

    Aug 6, 2007
    We have a descent setup where i hunt.We have about a dozen food plots trails in the woods blah blah blah. but it seems like the deer we have come in dont have much to keep them around. to get a more permanent population of deer i'd like to get something for them to browse on in the summer and even in the winter if possible. the only thing we really have during the season besides clover and rye grass is acorns. i would like something that would produce lots of berries, greens, nuts, whatever year-round to keep em around. i have some ideas: blueberries, honeysuckle, even some garden stuff. what do yall think?
  2. Triple S

    Triple S New Member

    May 8, 2007
    I just mentioned this in another post, but have you tried fertilizing the weeds? Seriously, you know some of those thick edges around your stands and Pine thickets that we have in the South? Mow strips or some of them down entirely, then fertilize the heck out of them and you will be amazed at how much feed (natural too) you will supply for your deer. We learned this trick form QDMA and it really works! It is a very effective way of doing low cost foodplots. In more cases than not, most food plots are not done correctly (I am not saying yours are not), and you are left with a bunch of wasted time and lost money. It is especially effective for summer food plots. Try a small piece and watch what happens.
  3. Sunray

    Sunray Elder

    May 17, 2003
    London, Ont.
    Deer stay in place with three things readily available. Food, cover and water. If any one is missing, Bambi will go elsewhere.
    Do a net search for 'food plots'. There are all kinds of them. Just be advised that starting one is just like farming. A great deal of work.
    Check the legalities, but deer love corn and soybeans. The acorns are a big plus. They don't eat berries much, if at all.
  4. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Terlingua, TX; Thomasville,GA
    State game departments commonly have pamphlets describing what sorts of permanent forage planting is helpful...

  5. Grumulkin

    Grumulkin Senior Member

    Dec 1, 2005
    Central Ohio
    I would plant cherry trees, nectarine trees, plum trees and peach trees. The deer really like mine. Best of all, when they're done eating the leaves they can use them for buck rubs in the fall. White pine also works for buck rubs.

    One last piece of advice; get cheap trees.

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