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What can you tell me about the Firestar M43

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Sharpdogs, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Sharpdogs

    Sharpdogs Well-Known Member

    A local dealer has a Firestar M43 for $250 with 4 magazines. What can you tell me about this pistol, pros, cons, what to look for? I am having trouble finding information on it. Thanks.
  2. SirVette

    SirVette Well-Known Member

  3. ACP230

    ACP230 Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a pretty good price. The mags are a nice addition. CDNN has the only supply I know of, and they aren't really cheap.

    One of the women in my CCW class a couple of years ago had one of these. I saw some nice shooting done with it. I did OK when I got to try it too.
  4. tracer

    tracer Well-Known Member

    I used to own one ,and put many rounds thru it.

    THE BAD:
    The firing pins have been criticized by some as vulnerable.Replacement parts are limited,but can be found.They are heavy ,for carry,and hold only 7 rounds (as I remember.)The bluing is "suspect" with heavy use ,or continuous carry.Trigger is a little "gritty".Trigger jobs better be performed by the competent,or you will experience accidental discharge.

    Pretty darn good accuracy.GREAT ERGONOMICS for those they "fit".Single action.PRICE. I sold mine for $200 with holster etc.

    Better to me than a Taurus,Ruger or other $2-300 weapon.
    HOWEVER-Don't try to compare with the $400-500 Browning Sig ETC.

    Just my Opinions
  5. SirVette

    SirVette Well-Known Member

    Firing pins

    Maybe this is the firing pin issue:


    RECALL: INTERARMS has learned of occasional firing pin breakage in the Star M43 FIRESTAR 9MM pistols within the limited serial number range 1,953,001 to 1,958,000 ONLY. Such breakage does not pose any direct hazard to the shooter; however, the pistol is rendered inoperable.

    WARNING! This can be critical when used for self protection or law enforcement.

    STAR and INTERARMS are committed to providing our customers with high quality firearms of the utmost reliability. We regret any temporary inconvenience.

    10 Prince Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    (703) 548-1400

    Guns, June 1991; page 66
    American Rifleman, May 1991; page 21
  6. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill Well-Known Member

    The Star Firestar is a nice gun, and the trigger can be easily gunsmithed to be outstanding -- as I found with two of them.

    But the gun is HEAVY!!

    One of the jokes at the range where I shoot was that if I ever had to use the gun in self-defense, and missed the bad guy, all I had to do was drop it on his foot -- and he'd be out of action for weeks.

    In fact, the gun was so heavy I couldn't practically use it as a concealed carry weapon -- it just drug down my pants, regardless of belt or holster.

    But there are good alternative: until recently, I carried a Star Firestar PLUS as my CCW. Same top end, but with a much lighter alloy frame, double-stack grip, and up to 13 rounds, rather than the standard 7-8. (The .40 version of the gun has a 10-round mag that can be used in the 9mm without modification; it is identical to the much more expensive 13-round hi-cap mag. But its hard to find the .40 mags; they are around.)

    If you plan to shoot it ONLY at the range or use it for home defense, there are a lot worse guns for the money.

    If you think you might have to carry concealed, check out the Star Firestar Plus. (I retired my Kel-Tec P-11 when I found the Firestar Plus; a bit heavier than the kel-Tec, but almost the same size. And a much, much better trigger.)

    I've since moved up to a CZ-75B Compact. Very nice, small gun, a bit easier to conceal, and the one I've got is a real tack driver.
  7. Sharpdogs

    Sharpdogs Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the replies. I can't carry in NJ so I'm not worried about the weight. It will probably just be a plinker.

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