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what cleaning chemicals is everyone using?

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by BlackNet, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. BlackNet

    BlackNet Well-Known Member

    As I said on the start currently I am using black solve and I got the MSDS from dixie and was looking over them. I am indeed quite amazed at what is in the mix.

    Driftwood Johnson, I think you really hit it spot on with your post. I spoke with the club's president and he mentioned that many people will refuse to use vinegar as it can/will eat metal. I am not opposed do using vinegar at all personally but I was actually looking for something that would possibly make the cleanup job much faster.

    As for the whole 'if it is not broke why fix it' approach that is fine and all, however it never hurts to look around and see what else is available, possible and who knows perhaps you will find something that you did not know or something that makes things easier for you. Just because you are looking at what options are available does not mean you have to stop using what works for you. What has worked for 100+ years may not be the most effective or efficient. After all if that was the case we would still be using horses instead of cars.

    I find what works for me on my revolvers is a spray can of gun scrubber (brake cleaner or carb cleaner) before packing up at the range works wonders. So far to date what I have tried: Ol' Thunder, brake cleaner, carb cleaner, gun scrubber, black solve, shooters choice #7 bore cleaner (I *LOVE* this stuff), ballisol, shooters choice black powder gel, and water.

    If anyone wants to know the ingredients in black solve (I do have the MSDS to if anyone wants that) is water, vytron-n, amyl acetate (for smell only), isopropyl rubbing alcohol - 70 proof, green & yellow food color.
  2. FreddyKruger

    FreddyKruger Well-Known Member

    I used to use the cheapest multi purpose cleaner i could find. the fouling would just run off. i also found i could mix it 50/50 with water and make it go even further. did tarnish the brass a bit however. Ive been using a 1/9 ballistol and water mix lately that seems to be going well.

    been using a bit of carby cleaner on my flintlock too. blows out all the crap that a spray and brush cant get to.
  3. Pancho

    Pancho Well-Known Member

    Ballistol with water to clean, straight ballistol to lubricate and as a rust preventative.
  4. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

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  5. fineredmist

    fineredmist Well-Known Member

    I read somewhere about using alcohol swabs (available in your local drug store) to swab the bore after two or three shots to keep the fouling down. The swabs remove a lot of the fouling making it easier to load the rifle. I also found that the cleanup is very easy using warm water with some dish detergent as the bulk of the fouling is gone. I heat the barrel with a heat gun to dry the bore and then finish up with Ballistol.
  6. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    Finally, This ! ^
  7. 303tom

    303tom member

    I don`t ever use anything but dawn & hot water..............
  8. BlackNet

    BlackNet Well-Known Member

    I also found this..

    This is what I found today on ballistol.
  9. BlackNet

    BlackNet Well-Known Member

    As for Murphy's original oil soap:

    And for the Squirt and Mop:
  10. Steel Horse Rider

    Steel Horse Rider Well-Known Member

    I thought Murphy's Oil Soap was vegetable oil based. Is Lauramidowhoisit just a chemical name for soybean oil?
  11. BlackNet

    BlackNet Well-Known Member

    Very good question. Also worth noting that just because a product uses x, y and z this year does not mean that next year they will no change it to some other item. I did find several references to it not being 'green'.

    I found this chemical listed in these items.

    method floor cleaner, sc johnson paste wax, swifter wetjet, metalist floor sealer, clorox proresults, metalist 20 floor finish, ecos floor cleaner.
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  12. unknwn

    unknwn Well-Known Member

    " Lauramidopropyldimethylamine oxide "

    On a hunch I looked up a comparison of this chemical's name and the term -surfactant- , BINGO , Lauramidowhoisit is a main component of industrial cleaning chemicals along the same line as carpet cleaning solution.
    Powerful stuff. Mega-Soap or some such.
  13. BlackNet

    BlackNet Well-Known Member

    Few additions to the list.


    windex multi-surface:

    windex crystal rain:

    From this it seems that windex crystal rain would be the most ideal product to use.
  14. Ryden

    Ryden Well-Known Member

    Interesting fact.

    The C-5 alcohols talked about in the Ballistol recipe is commonly called fusel, a byproduct of ethanol fermentation.

    So, was Klever a moonshiner or what? :D
  15. zimmerstutzen

    zimmerstutzen Well-Known Member

    I use WW2 US army bore cleaner as a quick clean at the range before heading home. (smelly stuff with benzene, use only outdoors) A few sloppy wet patches to soak the bore and I wipe down the lock and barrel flats. Then a hot soapy cleaning at home. The stuff was intended to neutralize old corrosive primers, so I figure it is good on black powder fouling.

    It has served me quite well for the past thirty years.
  16. J-Bar

    J-Bar Well-Known Member

    More than you wanted to know about benzene, other than the fact that it is a carcinogen:


    Ballistol is pretty safe by comparison;


    I don't think you are doing yourself a favor by using the WWII stuff, my friend!
  17. Aries-

    Aries- Well-Known Member

    with mine. i just get a big bucket. steaming hot water with dish soap. pour some down the barrel to start. then get a patch on the ram rod, and work it up and down the barrel, it will start to pump water in and out of the touch hole. if the water gets to dirty change it out. keep going until the water spraying out the touch hole comes out clean. give it a pat down to help dry, dry patch the inside of the barrel and oil.

    make sure you use alcohol to swab the bore before you shoot next so the oil in the barrel doesn't foul your powder.

    for a quick clean at the range i have heard people use Windshield washer fluid. the more expensive stuff. has alcohol in it so it dries up and has cleaners in it. a patch or 2 of that and you are good to go again. i know i have to scrub my barrel at the range after every 3 rounds or i cant get another round pushed down the barrel. (barrel size of .458 i think, rounds sized to .451 a little fouling is a pain) i have found using a cardboard wad under my round helps as it pushed some of the fouling unto the top of the powder charge.
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  18. Noz

    Noz Well-Known Member

    I'm lazy.
    I get no thrill from cleaning guns so I use the easiest and quickest method.
    Cold water followed by Ballistol.
    I'm done.
  19. swathdiver

    swathdiver Well-Known Member

    I like cheap and simple. Dawn and hot water, bore butter as lubricant and protector.
  20. hawkeye74

    hawkeye74 Well-Known Member

    Do the same in N-SSA. I use 3-5 patches then wipe dry. After finished for the day, after final clean up, just oil and pack away. At home before next match do a take down and clean up. If necessary, use Hoppe's no 9 if any hard fouling left behind.

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