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What companies are still in your favor/will you continue to use after all this hoopla

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by bhhacker, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. bhhacker

    bhhacker Well-Known Member

    I feel like almost every company ive used for buying anything firearm related really kind of put it to me and everyone else with jacking up of prices and other skullduggery in general.

    What companies did you find that still "kept it real" with their offerings so i can offer my business to them instead of the gougers?
  2. Solo

    Solo Well-Known Member


    PCCUSNRET Well-Known Member

  4. akv3g4n

    akv3g4n Well-Known Member

    I think Midway and Brownells have been fair during the panic.
  5. RFMan

    RFMan Well-Known Member

    Bravo Company
    Primary Arms
    Rainier Arms
    White Oak Armament
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  6. bugmania

    bugmania Well-Known Member

    Missouri Bullet Company
    Berry's Manufacturing
    Powder Valley
  7. wally

    wally Well-Known Member

    Midway, Brownells, Sportsmans Guide, Primary Arms, J&T Distributing (Doublestar).
  8. Sgt_R

    Sgt_R Well-Known Member

    There are many, but these guys will get my money first:

    Bravo Company
    Palmetto State Armory
    One Source Tactical
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  9. rdhood

    rdhood Well-Known Member

    The only company that I wont do business with is Cheaper than Dirt. They showed their true colors in 2008. I have not done business with them since then. This time around, they only reaffirmed my position.

    Everyone else: MidwayUSA, PSA, Brownells, MidSouthShootersSupply, Cabelas, and many more all have done their best.
  10. ldlfh7

    ldlfh7 Well-Known Member

  11. holdencm9

    holdencm9 Well-Known Member

    First and foremost: MAGPUL

    I have always been a fan of their stuff, but after the way they have fought in Colorado, orchestrating the "Colorado Airlift" and regardless of where they end up, I will go out of my way to buy Magpul stuff from now on.

    Powder Valley
    Palmetto State Armory
    Fleet Farm
  12. ambidextrous1

    ambidextrous1 Well-Known Member

    I don't boycott any business for any reason; it's not possible to anticipate the (possibly negative) consequences of a boycott.

    I may show a preference for some businesses, but I won't spend the extra time and money that may be necessary to boycott a company.
  13. Outlaw Man

    Outlaw Man Well-Known Member

    At least one LGS has participated in the recent price gouging, though I think much of it is because they are very new and don't have the established supply lines the others do. For now, I'm cautiously giving them the benefit of the doubt. The others have done a very good job of keeping their prices down by limiting sales. On the national level, Midway and others have seemed to be doing the same.

    I will also continue to be a Magpul customer. They have clearly been on the front lines of this fight. There are several others who made very vocal statements, but no one has had to put their money where their mouth is quite like our friends in Colorado.
  14. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't have bought from one source tactical before all this started and nothing has changed. I'll leave out the two pages that could be said about Gabe and why he is not the type of person I would ever knowingly do business with and simply note I have never seen a thing there for sale that I wanted, which couldn't be had for less somewhere else.

    PSA definately raised their prices during all the panic. I wont say whether they were right or wrong to do so but unlike say midway I say a notable rise in PSA's prices. They are still up in fact.

    I'm with you on Magpul, midway, and Larue though. Midway not only didn't price gouge even the most sought after items, but also donated $1 million to the NRA-ILA. Magpul again not only didn't price gouge but was very active in the fight for gun rights. I'd be inclined to buy a magpul item over any similar product.

    I'm the same. There have been several times over the last 4 years or so that I have happily spent a dollar or two more to buy the same item from another company. I can easily afford a dollar more and would much rather give my money to other companies.
  15. esheato

    esheato Well-Known Member

  16. OldTex

    OldTex Well-Known Member

    All the ones I've been pleased with are already mentioned above. I've bought primers from Midway and Natchez in the last 2-3 weeks at the same prices as 2-3 months ago. They were only in stock for 4-5 minutes, but they didn't gouge me.
  17. TarDevil

    TarDevil Well-Known Member

    CTD is the only one that I can say for certain will never see my money.

    I've kinda revised some of my thinking about price changes. The reality is, some small shops and ranges are going out of business due to this shortage, and there's no doubt the survivors are hurting. If we want outlets for gun related stuff, it just may be an evil necessity that they increase prices.
  18. swalton1943

    swalton1943 Well-Known Member

    LibertyTree collecters
  19. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    They are all in my favor and I will continue to use all of those for whom my needs are met at prices i am willing to pay - doesn't matter what they did before, during or after. They are in business to make money and STAY in business.

    Everyone whining about gouging needs to watch this video

    All for crucifying the guy who raised his price should be thanking him, because he was able to cut the demand by those who would buy it all and then scalp it on gunbroker
  20. mtrmn

    mtrmn Well-Known Member

    I did not see Widener's listed, so I must add them to the list. They have been among the most faithful over the years for me.
    Also Top Brass and Apex Brass.
    RCBS and Dillon.
    I'm sure there's a few more I just can't remember at the moment.

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