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what do u think is a timeless firearm?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by beehlebf, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. beehlebf

    beehlebf Well-Known Member

    Im wondering about what all you guys consider as a timeless firearm. A design that really cant be outdated with a few cosmetic changes and has and will maintain capable at what it does. I would say the ruger 10/22 for sure as it has been and always will be an efficient 22 rifle and then i would say a remington 870 or mossberg 500 b/c they will always be effective. Idk about the 1911 as tried and true as it is i think limited mag size and bullet technology in wonder nines have dropped it down in its glory just a bit.
  2. jcwit

    jcwit Well-Known Member

    Winchester 94
  3. fallingbird

    fallingbird Well-Known Member

    Colt SAA. Always has and always will be the quintessential six-shooter.
  4. Flintknapper

    Flintknapper Well-Known Member

    I'd have to agree with Remington 870, Browning superposed.... and Marlin 39 (for a .22) are ones that come to mind immediately.
  5. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    1911 .45 acp
    101 years and still going strong
  6. 56hawk

    56hawk Well-Known Member

    98 Mauser. Pretty much the standard bolt action design and not likely to change anytime soon.
  7. MrDig

    MrDig Well-Known Member

    I tend to consider Actions more so than firearms themselves. Revolvers are timeless. The Henry Rifle started the Lever Action ball rolling for all the other Timeless Lever Actions that will be mentioned so I guess the Henry is a Timeless firearm.
    The Mauser Action was a watershed for Battle rifles of its era so the Mauser 98 has to be right up there.
    Then there is the 1911, without it most other Semi Automatic Pistols would not have happened.
    The Garand and the Kalashnikov, are two more weapons that revolutionized firearm design.
    Not certain what else I would add to the list. But those cover modern era weapons pretty well.
  8. GuysModel94

    GuysModel94 Well-Known Member

    American made Lever Actions and Smith&Wesson revolvers.
  9. TurkeyOak

    TurkeyOak Well-Known Member

    We are lucky for classic guns to go with the 2nd A. My list of classics are:

    The flintlock Longrifle
    The lever action rifle
    Colt Single Action Army
    Colt 1911
    Thompson submachine gun
    Browning .50 cal machine gun
    S&W .38 special snubnose
    12 gauge pump shotgun
    12 gauge coach gun

    Some of these are categories rather than specific, like (Henry, Winchester and Marlins) for levers and the (Rem 870 and Moss 500) for pump.

    But the are guns that when I see then I saw "Hooray for our side!"
  10. TurkeyOak

    TurkeyOak Well-Known Member

    ^when I see them I say...
  11. nyrifleman

    nyrifleman Well-Known Member

    I guess I'll be the first one to say it: AK-47.
  12. medalguy

    medalguy Well-Known Member

    Definitely would name the Browning .50 cal M2HB. That gun has been made essentially unchanged since 1921 with the exception of the elimination of the water jacket, and it is still being used by our military forces around the world today.
  13. TurkeyOak

    TurkeyOak Well-Known Member

    Internationally I'd go:

    British Brown Bess
    Napoleon 12 pounder
    Mauser 98
    Broomstick Mauser
    Luger 08
    Enfield .303
    Walther PPK
    88 mm Panzer cannon
    Glock 17
  14. CSestp

    CSestp Well-Known Member

    PPK started the trend of a easy to carry pistol.
  15. TurkeyOak

    TurkeyOak Well-Known Member

    Maybe drop the Enfield for the Maxim or Lewis?
  16. Countryboy7

    Countryboy7 Active Member

    I'll be another to say AK47. And also any single shot 22. They are handy little rifles
  17. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    You can almost answer this by looking at the platforms with the most aftermarket accessory support.

    Ruger 10/22, AR-15, 1911, Remington 870, Mauser 98, and the Glock.

    With the exception of the Glock, all of those are 50+ years old, and the Glock is 30 years old, yet all remain popular and commonly used. I personally think all (including the Glock) have been technologically improved upon by other designs, but none have been so outmoded as to make them useless.
  18. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Mauser bolt action of 1898. Became the Kar 98k and the pre 64 model Winchester. THE hunting rifle.

    1911 because so many of its features are still used.

    Marlin Model 60. It's been through a number of cosmetic changes but primarily still the same internally as ever.
  19. tryshoot

    tryshoot Well-Known Member

    m107 never found a target i could not miss. not gun
  20. doc2rn

    doc2rn Well-Known Member

    Each brand has some iconic hold overs that are solid pieces. Marlin 39a and 60, Ruger GPs and Mark series, Colt 1911s and Snake guns, S&W mod 10s. You just have to know what you like.

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