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What do u think of the SW M&P .40?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by bigsarg99, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. bigsarg99

    bigsarg99 Well-Known Member

    Wife and I are thinking about replacing her midsize carry pistol (Glock 32 .357 sig) and she looked at the SW M&P .40cal. She really likes it alot and loves the feel of the ergo grip. Even caught her coming out of the bathroom with my new sure/G&A magazine that had a a article on the M&P. But i wanted to see what THR members had to say about it before we go ahead with it. Are there many carry holsters out there for it yet? How much are the mags?.....etc Thanks guys!.............I have to go see if I can borrow my new magazine still.:)
  2. Nitrogen

    Nitrogen Well-Known Member

    I've got the M&P in 9mm and I love it.
    I liked the .40, but 9mm ammo as far as i'm concerned is just as good, and cheaper, so I went 9mm.

    Some people have had a few problems with pins walking out, but everyone that's shot mine has LOVED the ergo and the trigger.

    It's now my daily carry, replacing an XD-9 SC.

    EDIT: I've had even fewer problems than coronach below me.
  3. Coronach

    Coronach Moderator Emeritus

    Love it.
  4. raz-0

    raz-0 Well-Known Member

    Got one in .40, I like it a lot. Long term durability is still a question as none of them are old yet. They seem to stand up to heavy use though.

    Dealer cost on mags is a bit under $28, most I have seen them go for is $39. $32-34 is the normal range.

    There are only two real issues with the gun IMO. The trigger can vary out of the box due to lack of additional finishng by S&W. On top of that, with a nice high grip, the point the trigger resets is very close to the point where the hinge pivots back to the "safe" position. At least for me, which affects rapid fire.

    Ergonomics rock on the gun though, and you can fix the reset issue with a trigger job without substantially altering the trigger pull weight.
  5. GunNut

    GunNut Well-Known Member

    Having help both the M&P Fullsize and Compact, I have decided that I must get one of each.

    I'm not a fan of the .40S&W cartridge, so I would be buying the 9mm and waiting for the .45ACP version to be released.

  6. .357 magnum

    .357 magnum Well-Known Member

    Looks Like a good gun.

    I am a Taurus 24/7 Pro fan. But the review's I keep reading on the Smith MP are pretty good. Jeff Quinn is a regular gun guy. I have always trusted his reviews. Check this one out. As far as what caliber to go with. Get the one you like. I am a .40 and .45 fan. I can get my .40 ammo at a great price still at Wal-Mart-[17.78 for a box of 165 winchester FMJ] The MP appears to be a pretty sound decision.


    Have a great Thanksgiving!
  7. Citadel99

    Citadel99 Well-Known Member

    I got one!

    Traded a POS G23 for it...

  8. MiamiARFan

    MiamiARFan Member

    I've got the Taurus 24/7 Pro .45 and love it. Bought my wife the M&P .40 and we both love it. Good gun, got a factory demo for a great price. With the Multiple backstraps, it's easy to change out for comfortable carry for either me or her.
  9. satx40

    satx40 Member

  10. bigsarg99

    bigsarg99 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys I think she has made up her mind to get one. Trying to unload the G32 now. She found one today for 420.00 in .40 so she is gonna go ahead and get it. I still (and will always) carry a custom Colt 1911 Cdr. but I think I might have to slip her M&P into the range bag on my way to the range!

    Citadel99: Who talked you into that G23 anyway!:) Hows things in the heart TX?

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