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What Does YOUR Scout Rifle Weigh? (Pics are nice, too!)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by SharpsDressedMan, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Just weighed my old .30-06 LH Remington ADL "Scout" rifle, modified back in the late 80's. It has a Burris mount, factory camo stock (ADL), Burris Scout scope, with barrel cut to 19". It came in at 7lbs. 3oz. without the sling, unloaded. I didn't think that was too bad, considering it included scope and mount. It has always been a pleasure in the field, and has shot some 3/4" 100 yard groups with factory barrel (and a Timney trigger). I was interested, with all the newer Scout types out there, what do they weigh with scope and mount? [​IMG][/IMG]
  2. trex1310

    trex1310 Well-Known Member

    Nothing. I don't have one, don't need one. don't want one.
  3. Thanks so MUCH for your candid contribution! :rolleyes:
  4. nashlaw

    nashlaw Member

    Sharps, I had a nearly identical setup a few years ago. ADL in .308 with a IER Leupold. I chopped the barrel to 18" and enjoyed shooting it. Lots of WHOOOPDEEEDOOO!!! when you touched one off with the short tube.

    My brother and I were surprised at how well that short barrel did at 100yds. I am thinking we routinely did under an inch.
  5. whalerman

    whalerman member

    I know this concept gets written about a lot. But I never tire of it. It is an idea that very much interests me. The concept of a light rifle gets more and more attractive as I get older. You keep bringing it up SharpsDressedMan.

    I'm even beginning to think about handgun hunting as an option to the scout rifle.
  6. The new Ruger Scout has some cool features, but as not suited to hunting as well as a stripped down, lighter rifle might have been. Too bad Ruger didn't keep their M77 Ultralight model, and start with that one, making it into a Scout. The M77 Frontier was reported to be 7lbs with a scope mounted, and could have been less if issued with a fiberglas stock. It will be interesting to see where our members' guns come in wightwise, and how they are constructed.
  7. jeepnik

    jeepnik Well-Known Member

    Closest I got. But, since leverguns are the original assault/scout rifles, it's works. Weighs a bit over 7 lbs.

  8. Moose458

    Moose458 Well-Known Member

    Used a German K98K Mauser for this scout conversion. Shortened the barrel, added a Bold trigger, scout scope mount, and a thumbhole stock. Turned out to be one of my most accurate 100 yard rifles.
  9. gscrasher

    gscrasher Well-Known Member

    My Steyr with scope and sling weighs 8 lbs, and my Ruger scout weighs 7.5 without rail, scope, sling. These were weighed on a Health-o-meter beam scale, like the one in the Dr's office, so can only be read to 1/2 pound. I don't know how accurate this type of scale is at the bottom end of the range. Anyway, it looks as though both rigs will come in at about 8 lbs with scope+mounts+sling.
  10. JohnB

    JohnB Well-Known Member

    As close as I can get to a "Scout" rifle.
    Remington Mohawk 600 in .308 w/an ancient Redfield Widefield 2-3/4X fixed scope. I bought it new just after they ended production in 1979.
    18.5" barrel - 37 in. overall. It does have sling swivels now.
    7lb.- 3oz. on a pretty accurate postal scale. I can get around 1 MOA out of it with factory loads.

  11. Stack

    Stack Well-Known Member

    From Wiki,
    The Scout Rifle is a class of general-purpose rifles defined and promoted by Jeff Cooper in the early 1980s.

    These bolt action carbines are typically .308 caliber (7.62mm), less than 1 meter in length, and less than 3 kilograms (6.6 lbs.) in weight, with iron and optical sights and fitted with practical slings (such as Ching slings) for shooting and carrying, and capable of hitting man-sized targets out to 450 meters without scopes. Typically they employ forward-mounted low-power long eye relief scopes or sights to afford easy access to the top of the rifle action for rapid reloading.

    The weight requirement kind of shot all my rifles out of the mix. All but my lever .357 and that sure aint a 450 meter gun. Now I have to get a scout rifle. THANKS! Until then I'll just have to coax trex1310 out of the lawn chair (lazyboy) with a PBR and send him to the field with his killin' stick.
  12. ROCK6

    ROCK6 Well-Known Member


    Savage Scout with Burris; without the 9-round mag it's under 7 pounds. I've got shorter QD rings, so that may drop a couple of ounces, but I'm sure my sling off-sets that...

  13. tahoe2

    tahoe2 Well-Known Member

    close as I get to a scout; Marlin in .375 Winchester-7lbs I think,
    short, fast handling, and powerful and good to 200 yards

    handguns 041.jpg
  14. P30shtr

    P30shtr Well-Known Member

    No scout here, though I like the idea. One question, why weigh the rifle empty? What good is it if its empty? Your gonna be carrying it around loaded arent ya?
  15. Weighing empty is just the starting point for comparison. How much ammo you carry varies with the carrier.
  16. ball3006

    ball3006 Well-Known Member

    I have both a 91/30 and a M39 Mosin Nagant scout rifle. I have no idea what they weigh, nor do I care. They both will shoot minute of angle with Privi ammo.....chris3
  17. orangeninja

    orangeninja Well-Known Member

    I love this gun, how much did you pay for that if you don't mind my being nosey?

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