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what followed me home

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Betty, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Betty

    Betty Well-Known Member

    Went to the gun show yesterday. I didn't want to spend too much - gotta pay lots o' taxes (the bad thing about working freelance).

    My "quick fix", since I don't want to dish out the money for another gun, is to buy another knife. :p

    I bought my brother an Emerson Mini Commander for Christmas, and almost didn't want to part with it because I liked it so much. The grip is excellent, the size is perfect, the craftsmanship is decent, and the Wave option makes it just doggone cool.

    So I bought myself one. Mine has the plain edge and matte stainless blade; I decided I didn't want the tactical black blade, unlike the version I gave to my bro.

    I ran across my brother at the show and showed the knife to him, but made the big mistake of letting him see the box, which had the price sticker on it. "Ack!" he said, realizing how much I spent on his knife. It really wasn't that much - he's just not that big of a knife junkie and wouldn't spend that much on one.

    Now that he knows the "outlandish" price, he may not use it for utility purposes. He works at a hardware store and uses knives alot. The little Spyderco Dragonfly I gave him two years ago has seen ALOT of wear & tear. I chose the Emerson for him because it's well made and great for utility and "other" purposes, but doesn't rip and arm and a leg off in cost (it's more like a pinkie).

    I also brought home a Microtech Mini-SOCOM, trading in my MOD Scorpion and CRKT Stiff KISS for it. I'm twiddling with it at work right now. It doesn't bug the co-workers anymore when I flip my knives open and closed (mainly because I sit discreetly in back corner out of sight).

  2. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    I too am discovering the joy of knives...they're the spacers between firearms purchases :evil: :D
    Congrats & when ya get the chance, perhaps a couple o' pics ;)
  3. Schuey2002

    Schuey2002 Well-Known Member

    Congrats, Runt. :)

    Like 10-Ring said, we need some pics.

    Here's the magic word.. Please.:)
  4. mtnbkr

    mtnbkr Well-Known Member

    The mini-commanders are cool. I'd have one myself, but I just can't stand a chisel ground knife.

    Get into customs and the firearms become the spacers between knife purchases ;)

  5. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    Runt, will you be my sister??? I just get socks.

    I like the satin but they only had the tactical blactical in stock when I got mine. And i wanted one NOW NOW NOW.
  6. Kahr carrier

    Kahr carrier Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your new blades.:) I also agree its fun to flip them at work.:neener:

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