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What gun were they using in those thirties and forties films

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by GambJoe, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. GambJoe

    GambJoe New Member

    I've been looking at those old Bogart era movies for as long as I could remember, they featured the girl spy holding a gun with the silencer or the PI that was "fast on the trigger" carrying a the same gun.

    It looked like a 1911 but smaller. What was it?
  2. Ron James

    Ron James New Member

    Hard to say with out pictures, however the .32 1903 Colt Hammerless and the 380 1908 Colt Hammerless were very popular in the movies and in real life. They were also readily available for props.
  3. exdetsgt

    exdetsgt New Member

    Someone else will answer your question However, most films from that era usually featured the snub-nose revolver, either a Colt Detective Special or a Smith&Wesson Chiefs Special.
  4. Jim K

    Jim K Active Member

    Ron is correct. The most common auto pistol in those films was the Colt pocket model hammerless. I don't think "Bogie" ever left home without one; he even had one in Casablanca. The other popular auto pistols were the Mauser Model 1914 (de rigeur for "German spies"), and the ever-popular Luger for "enemy agents" of all sorts, even Japanese. Every time I saw Peter Lorre pull out a Mauser 1914, I cringed, expecting to hear the sound of springs breaking.

  5. thehootman

    thehootman member

    Did you ever notice that they never had to reload them either, Gotta love the movies. How about those 50 shot single action Colt Peacemakers in the westerns.;)

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