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what is known about the CZ100

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Flashpoint, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Flashpoint

    Flashpoint Well-Known Member

    I hear alot about the many various CZ75s but does anyone know anything about the CZ100?
  2. New_comer

    New_comer Well-Known Member

    It's a polymer DAO pistol, looks just fine, but with a most horrible trigger pull. :barf:

    Stick with the 75's... ;)
  3. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Heard when it first came out the trigger was a nightmare.

    Also heard the newer ones have a better trigger.

    Of course its all hearsay.

    Try one out and give us an update.;)
  4. Beav

    Beav Well-Known Member

    check out www.czforum.com they have a dedicated forum for the CZ100. There are some guides there for improving the trigger.
  5. Pico

    Pico Well-Known Member

    CZ 100

    Great ergonomics... haven't shot one, only held it at a gun show. .40 S&W version has a ported barrel, adjustable sights, and a thing on top of the slide to facilitate one hand cocking for Euro cops I heard. I'd like to have one, the trigger pull is long but improved over the early ones.

    Wish they would bring in the CZ 110 which is SA/DA and has a decocking button. Think of it as a Walther P99 for $350.

    The 75B and 97B are still their best guns, though. I agree, hear to CZForum.

  6. Tropical Z

    Tropical Z Well-Known Member

    All i know is theyre one cool lookin piece and ive wanted one for quite some time!

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    PCRCCW Well-Known Member

    The CZ100 is an excellent gun. The trigger issue isnt all its cracked up to be..at least on a consistent basis. I rent these
    guns and one of the rentals has a trigger that is to behold!
    Another has the "toy gun that shoots the flying discs" trigger.....
    You pull it and all of sudden it stacks thought the roof and snap.....Boom! Actually, even when shooting the ones with the worse triggers I still shoot the same....things are much different when firing the gun as opposed to just dry firing.....
    Take a long look at the gun....You can use PCR Hi Caps in the also.....15 rnds total...bummer!
    Shoot well
  8. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    Polymer frame autoloader, barely larger and heavier than a Makarov. Not many holsters are made yet specifically for the CZ100. Available in 9mm and .40S&M. Us US-ians are or course limited to 10 rounds. Full capacity magazines from other CZs are rumored to work. YMMV.

    DAO, striker fired, no external safety, long trigger pull. Field stripping is dead easy. Be careful removing the firing pin, as the spring and spring guide tend to want to depart for distant places.

    Most of those in the USoA have adjustable sights, and nobody makes fixed sights for it yet.

    The trigger is a source of much grousing, but I really don't notice it when shooting.

    I'm a bit concerned about it's longterm durability. The sear arrangement (a hook of sheet metal that pulls the firing pin against it's spring, then hits an angled piece that pulls it down) doesn't look all that rugged.
  9. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr Well-Known Member

    I like the design. As far as I'm concerned the only thing that's holding it back from being a runaway best seller is the god-awful trigger pull :cuss: (in fact, this may be what ultimately kills it here - my dealer had the one I bought for 8 months before I finally talked him down & he said he won't be getting anymore not matter how good they are priced). It is not unmanagable and, with considerable practice, I think it could be mastered. Mine has been very accurate and 100% reliable. I have an IWB from High Noon Holsters that is made specifically for this gun (I think it cost me something like $70 - ouch - but it is very well made).
  10. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    >I like the design. As far as I'm concerned the only thing that's holding it back from being a runaway best seller is the god-awful trigger pull

    There's things you can do to lighten it up. There's a long thread on CZ Forum on exactly where to use the Dremel tool. I found (reasoning that a some of roughness would be from the mainspring compressing and from friction of the firing pin in it's channel) that running some powdered graphite around and inside the firing pin helped.

    Fist makes CZ100 specific holsters, and Dillon has one now.

    Magazines from CZ at 35FRNs are pricy.
  11. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    I want to love the CZ-100. It feels PERFECT in my hand. Until I pull the trigger.

    Absolutely Horrible.

    This is like getting the chance to kiss the most beautiful girl ever... and as you move in for it, she has sewer breath.
  12. Beav

    Beav Well-Known Member

    lol @ G.Hill

    love the analogy

    I might have to get one just to work on the trigger *grin*
  13. mbott

    mbott Well-Known Member

  14. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    Mike, thanks for that post... that is some great information.

    The problem is that if it's really such an easy fix, as it looks like it is... WHY COULDN'T CZ DO THIS AT THE FACTORY?

    CZ's are some of my favorite guns... They are great... very well done.

    But the Devil is in the Details.

    Even my beloved CZ-97B had these detail issues.
    If you want to shoot hotter rounds then a heavier spring is needed. If you use a heavier spring then the guide rod replacement is required.
    Once the ramp throat and polish is done and the gun is reliable - Indeed, I would put it up against ANY other .45 handgun. I was serious when I said that it was the most accurate gun that I had ever owned. My 92FS isn't quiet as accurate... Close... but I can't put 3 rounds through the SAME HOLE as I could with the 97B. It's one of my favorite handguns... Probably #11 on my list. It could have been higher but there are a couple things that bugged me. No decocker. Unless you’re a DAO or SA automatic, then I feel you should have a decocker. I consider this an oversight. Forgiveness is possible but there are two other items that work against it. The grips and the magazines. The wood grips feel great... but on mine and on many others the one screw wasn't enough to firmly hold the grips in place. There was just a little bit of play... but enough to bug me. It's easy to fix, but again, it's an oversight that such a potentially fine handgun should not have. And lastly those mags. Why they have that gap between the base and the frame... just a little detail overlooked. Any one of these three things by its self would be okay. But here we have (in my opinion) 3 strikes.
    I've sold the 97 off and picked up the 92FS with those funds. The differences in the finished work, the attention to details is there. I think CZ-USA has something there that could shake the market if they fixed those and throated the guns at the factory. Especially if they rolled out a 97 Compact! Then I would be forced to buy 2.
    This CZ-100 is in the same boat. They are ALMOST THERE... All they need is a decent trigger out of the box and you would have something that walked hand in hand with the Glock, XD and P99. If I am going to drop 400 bucks on a pistol, I don't want to have to do my own home gunsmithing unless it's something that the more I do to it, the more value it gives it - such as a 1911 or a '69 SS.

    But that is just my opinion, I may be wrong.
  15. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    >If I am going to drop 400 bucks on a pistol, I don't want to have to do my own home gunsmithing

    BTW, street price on a CZ100 is around $325. I got mine for $315.
  16. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    Totally Awesome Guns and Range in West Valley, Utah had 2 for 399... this was last year. If it wasn't for that damnable trigger, it would be worth it.
  17. mbott

    mbott Well-Known Member


    I heard a couple of theories as to why the CZ 100 trigger is like it is, which I'm not going to repeat since it really doesn't matter here. I'll say that I have no issue with the trigger as it is. I've shot mine enough to know what's going to happen and when it's going to happen. That's all I need. Out to 15 yards I can keep'em all (most of the time) within the 9 ring which is my limitation and not necessarily the guns.

    Maybe someday I'll attempt to smooth things out per the CZ Forum info, but it's no big deal at the moment. In all fairness, I am required to point out that I'm a CZ fanatic. (Read that as biased.) Count is currently at 8 and will soon go to 9 with the release of the compact melt in .40 caliber. :)

    Have a good one!

  18. lee n. field

    lee n. field Well-Known Member

    >I heard a couple of theories as to why the CZ 100 trigger is like it is

    Engineered to meet a particular price point is my guess.
  19. George Hill

    George Hill Well-Known Member

    I'd happly pay an extra 50 bucks to have the trigger polished before taking delivery. Price Point? I don't think so.

    I think it's just CZ not getting it. There are too many little details being overlooked. When CZ puts in the effort, like on the PCR, then you can see the glory that is just hiding under potential. If

    CZ put in just a little more effort, they would really have something.
  20. Sox

    Sox Well-Known Member

    Just got one! I have stayed away from these, due to the trigger issue, for some time. The trigger on my new one is pretty sweet. If you like thin guns for ccw as do I, you can't beat it. The grip is 27mm wide (more narrow than Glock 36), the slide tapers to 19mm.:)

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