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What is the last gun that you bought?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by full metal, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. jrod

    jrod Well-Known Member

    S&W 22A with Target Stocks. Still have a few more days before I can take it home. :(
  2. 1964-1965 S&W Model 10 2" barrel. Couldn't resist the $229 price tag ($244 out the door). Shoots where it points. One of those rare fixed sighted guns that really got sighted in (158gr bulleted loads). I replaced the synthetic mother of pearl grips with these modified exotic wood ones from Thailand. [​IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  3. lumpylead

    lumpylead Member

    super Blackhawk!
  4. HOOfan_1

    HOOfan_1 Well-Known Member

    I am having a horrible time getting good lighting in my house. Need to read up on some tips on photographing guns

    Keeps raining here when I am not at work....had to settle for natural light around dusk



  5. DHJenkins

    DHJenkins Well-Known Member

    Sig P239 SAS Gen 2 9mm two-tone; night sights, SRT trigger, 3 mags. 10 months old.

    My FFL had it in his case for $379 when I was there picking up something else; I mean, how could I possibly not buy it?
  6. lefteye

    lefteye Well-Known Member

    Ruger Stainless Steel SR9c. See the photos in HOOfan_1's post #7541.
  7. jj1962hemi

    jj1962hemi Well-Known Member

    Helluva deal on that Sig DH!
  8. mms6872

    mms6872 Member

    last gun

    Last gun I bought was just two days ago. It is a Glock 23 gen 4, 40 cal. My first polymer pistol. I have been a skeptic for years. Steel all the way, 1911, Beretta, Ruger revolvers, Dan Wesson etc. I came over to the dark side! Now I know why they are so popular. I will probably be getting another one.
  9. Ignition Override

    Ignition Override Well-Known Member

    A (Service Grade H&R Special) Garand in the Anniston CMP, yesterday. They are behind about 5,000 M-1s, they told me (due to ammo orders).
    There were about nine Specials when I entered, about six when I left. Don't know how to post photos etc.

    Factoring in the many parts of the growing anxieties: misunderstandings about the recent Pres. Exec. order, the new ATF Politburo Kommissar, inflation etc, guys who Only buy several of them to resell at shows (one lives near Memphis)...Hillary in the White House:barf:... a future Terrible Event...it could be quite a while before they catch up enough to have Service Grades on display in the racks.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2013
  10. Hunter125

    Hunter125 Well-Known Member

    How in the world...? You are one lucky guy!
  11. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

  12. sugerwater

    sugerwater Well-Known Member

    New Sig P229 in 40S&W.
  13. DammitBoy

    DammitBoy Well-Known Member

  14. snapshot762

    snapshot762 Well-Known Member

    Last gun i bought was an SR22 a year ago.
  15. EdJennings

    EdJennings Well-Known Member

    S&W Shield 9mm for my wife. Matches the one I have.
  16. hatwerinrednek

    hatwerinrednek Well-Known Member

    ruger mini 14 223 stainless syn tactical.
  17. BullSlinger

    BullSlinger Well-Known Member

    A Beautiful Uberti 1858 Remington. I still am amazed at how accurate those black powder replica shoot.
  18. thriller

    thriller Well-Known Member

    Rossi 92 Stainless .357
  19. southjk

    southjk Member

    An '82 Model 10 from Budsgunshop.com. Good shooter from Australia. Not as good as my 686 but good.
  20. Erik M

    Erik M Well-Known Member

    Found some AR lowers at a great price. Have one on the way to my FFL now.

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