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What is the most unreliable semi auto you have shot ?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by SJ78, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. SJ78

    SJ78 Well-Known Member

    For myself it was the AMT backup 22lr . The gun jammed about every other shot . Even with stingers it would still jam .
  2. tbraddy

    tbraddy Active Member

    A Para-Ordnance LDA single stack .45 ACP. I still have it. Its SD role- give it to the bad guy, while he's trying to figure out how to get it to shoot, crack him in the head with a stick.
  3. KyJim

    KyJim Well-Known Member

    A Kimber Ultra Carry II. Traded it.
  4. PRM

    PRM Well-Known Member

    First Generation S&W Sigma - would have made a decent trot line sinker.
  5. RickW

    RickW Well-Known Member

    Llama .380.
  6. zignal_zero

    zignal_zero Well-Known Member

    the two most unreliable autos i've ever had were the (1)cheapest and (2) the most expensive. ironic, eh? the cheapest was an FIE .22, chamber was oversized so brass would split and cause extraction woes. the most expensive was an original Pasadena model Automag, but hey you don't buy an Automag for reliablility :)
  7. bensdad

    bensdad Well-Known Member

    My Daewoo DP51 is getting really bad. I think it just needs springs though. I know it needs mag springs, but I don't know where to get them. As for the other springs? I don't know where to get those either. No worries. Other guns to shoot.
  8. monkyboy1975

    monkyboy1975 Well-Known Member

    A cheap knock off of a 9mm glock, the thing jammed every shot.:banghead:
  9. machinisttx

    machinisttx Well-Known Member

    Davis .380
  10. kashton

    kashton Well-Known Member

    Kimber Tactical Ultra II. I now carry H&Ks
  11. bluemalibu

    bluemalibu Active Member

    The worst for feeding was the S&W Mod 39.

    I gave the company the benefit of the doubt though, and tried the 645 when it came out... halfway through the second magazine, it was as if the gun exploded in my hands. A spent case went one direction, the front site went another, and the decocking lever went a third.

    I've never bought another Smith autoloader.
  12. bensdad

    bensdad Well-Known Member

    What does this mean?
  13. monkyboy1975

    monkyboy1975 Well-Known Member

    "What does this mean?"

    It looked like a glock, but it definitely was not. It belonged to one of my brothers freinds, I think he said he payed 100.00 for it new. Can't remember who made it though.
  14. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett Well-Known Member

    S&W P99 Compact. Way way too easy to "limp wrist" and cause a jam. Not the sort of thing I wanted for a CCW. Very dissapointed in S&W on that one. Sold it.
  15. nd1979

    nd1979 Member

    AMT Backup 380!
  16. wyocarp

    wyocarp Well-Known Member

    My Colt AR and my Kimber.
  17. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    Kimber CDP, or whatever they call their 4" melted version... it was a true jam-o-matic, and Kimber could not fix it even with 2 trips back to them.
  18. bensdad

    bensdad Well-Known Member

    Anybody else notice there are 4 Kimbers on the first page of this list?
  19. glock_17_4U

    glock_17_4U Well-Known Member

    glock knock off

    was it a high point or some unheard of fly by night outfit
    BTW:i consider xds,mnps, an all the polymer pistols that came out after glock knock offs, so be specific about the comany, if you know.
  20. bhhacker

    bhhacker Well-Known Member

    S&W sigma....darn thing would not strike the primer hard enough to fire. Also it had a tendency to shoot the burning hot shell RIGHT into your face.

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