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What is the Service Life of the Pocket Plastics?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Texasred, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. Texasred

    Texasred New Member

    I'm interested in the Kahrs and Kel-Tecs in particular and would like to know if they have the same Glock like polymer properties of long life?
  2. EHL

    EHL New Member

    DOn't know about Kahr, but I do know that according to the Kel tec owners manual, it says the pistol is designed to last approximately 6,000 rounds, that includes +P ammunition. This little pistol has a lifetime warranty though, so I wouldn't fear about that low number.
  3. TnShooter83

    TnShooter83 New Member

    I think you will have other problem before you have to worry about the frame.
    Springs, Extractors, pins, ect.

    Then IF you need to, send it in and use the lifetime warranty.

    MICHAEL T Active Member

    Wear out a KT send it in they will fix or replace. If orginal owner lifetime warrenty.
  5. Tirod

    Tirod Active Member

    Most of the "propriety" plastics are fiberglass reinforced nylon. A close look at the new "gray" Walther will show the pattern, just like a truck tool box.

    The proportion of glass to nylon changes the characteristics a lot. Some knife makers use a higher percentage of nylon, which give the resulting grips an "oily", more flexible feel. It's perceived as less expensive than high fiberglass, which has a dry, rigid characteristic, and can be almost indistiguishable from G10 fiberglass laminate.

    Using +P+ reloads in a .380 LCP will crack the frame, as one poster on a website reported, with photos. Another long infamous post is a pic of a Glock which a German Shepherd used as an impromptu chew toy.

    Plastic does very well for what it is. Any material can be abused beyond its design spec, like the steel slides on service Berettas that failed due to submachine gun ammo being used.
  6. jaysouth

    jaysouth Active Member

    My brother and I have identical P3-ATs.

    The little beast wears me out after about 1 magazine.

    My brother(he played football)bought 2 value packs of WWB at Wal Mart and shot all 200 in one day.

    He had to get cortisone shots in his elbow and hand, then he had to take 1200 milligrams of ibuprofin for a week.

    He must have been wearing a leather helmet all those seasons.

    If you are tough enough to wear one out, you are likely one very tough hombre.
  7. EHL

    EHL New Member

    I heard you there! My P3At is my LEAST favorite gun to shoot. I don't know what it is about it, but it is a "beast", as you called it. It does fill a nice nich though, she is a pleasure to tote around, and you know that if the SHTF, you won't be merely holding your Oscar Meyer in your hand.:D
  8. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    WOW. If you wear out a Kel Tec you are a MAN among MEN :)
  9. Thernlund

    Thernlund New Member

    It's close enough that it's only going to matter to a chemist.

    Like cockroaches and Tupperware, these things will be around alot longer than us. Give it no thought.

    Last edited: Sep 8, 2008
  10. Don357

    Don357 New Member

    Please don't disrespect Kel-Tec's by comparing them to Glocks.

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