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What is your most priceless/never sell gun?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Godsgunman, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Godsgunman

    Godsgunman New Member

    What is the most priceless/never sell gun you own? It may fall into this category because it is rare, or expensive, or just sentimental.
    Mine for instance would fall in the sentimental side. It is a Marlin Model 60. I have owned it since my grandfather passed away but it was his coon hunting rifle and a very good one at that. I remember hunting with it starting at the age of 8 and it will always remind me of those times. Even though its only worth about $100 or so you couldn't get me to sell it for even 20 times that.
    What would be yours?
  2. Steve CT

    Steve CT Member

    The AR-15 my son built for me. While he was deployed for 14 months in the Persian Gulf, for Christmas, Fathers Day, my birthday, etc., he ordered and had shipped home the upper, stock, sights, parts kit, ...

    When he came home, he pulled a lower out of his safe and built up my rifle on the kitchen table.
  3. Coop45

    Coop45 Member

    453 cz in 17 hmr.
  4. Reloadron

    Reloadron Active Member

    I have two:

    M1A NM that was a gift from my wife almost 20 years ago.

    Remington Model 510P single shot bolt action .22 given to me in 1958 when I was 8 years old. My first rifle.

    There are others but those two I'll never part with.

  5. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Moderator

    When I retired in 88 the dept. gave me my duty weapon a Ruger Police Service Six.
    If that piece could talk!!!
    I got it written down that it is to be put in the box with me.
  6. Aaron1100us

    Aaron1100us New Member

    These two


    The gun my Uncle taught me to shoot with. 1961 Seneca Green Nylon 66.


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  7. -Xero-

    -Xero- member

    OTOH -- What's the most flagrant piece of junk you've owned that you could run ammo through? Might be the .410 gauge bolt action, single shot Mossberg I bought from Sears for about $17 back in 1964.


    I have a Rem. 700 PSS, .308 Win. 26" bbl. Jewell trigger, Leupold Mark 4, 6 - 22x 50mm mil dot, 80 mm lens hood.

    Second in line would be the Browning Citoria, Mod. 425, adj. comb/butt/trigger reach, set up for trap.
  8. tubeshooter

    tubeshooter New Member

    Most of what I have is rather pedestrian, with a couple of exceptions.

    I have a JM-proofmark Marlin 1894CSS that works perfectly. Had looked high and low for years for a Marlin .357 lever and finally stumbled across it.

    I also have a S&W 317 that had issues at first; I sent it back and had a steel cylinder put in.

    I don't see myself getting rid of either anytime soon. Generally speaking I don't sell anyway, but those two would be at the top of my "never sell" list. The first because it would be nearly irreplacable as far as an exact match, and the second because nobody would want to give me what I have in the gun now.
  9. WoodchuckAssassin

    WoodchuckAssassin New Member

    Smith and Wesson 686 no-dash from 1983.

    My Godfather passed away unexpectedly, left the gun to my dad, and my dad passed it on to me. There's never been a better revolver made. Eat your heart out, Colt!
  10. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre New Member

    Well, the first would be the Remington 552 Speedmaster that I inherited from my dad. I talk about the reason this gun would never be sold here.

    The other would be my CZ75 in .40 S&W. I have a few nice pistols but something magical happened with this one. It is apparently that gun made on a Wednesday right after they put in fresh bits and a fantastic batch of metal machined by a guy who just got a raise and was in a super good mood because this particular gun is the most accurate out-of-the-box handgun I've ever owned!
  11. Gallstones

    Gallstones New Member

    I don't have that many and I'm sentimental about all of them, they each have a story.
    I wish I had such a large collection that I would have some I wouldn't mind parting with.
    Just not there yet.
  12. stageman

    stageman Member

    My Ol' Pap's WWII side arm.[​IMG]
  13. jstein650

    jstein650 New Member

    I've pared my little collection down considerably in the last few years, but just can't seem to bring myself to even consider parting with:

    Puma '92 in .44 Mag. (very nice specimen)
    Ruger MKII .223 SS sporter w/lam. brown stock. (a 'beaut!)
    Winchester 94/22, also Brn. lam. stock (are you kidding?)

    Nothing really high dollar, but wonderful to me for sure.
  14. stevek

    stevek Member

    Haven't had any handed down to me, so no real sentimental value per se...that said my Ed Brown Kobra Carry is the one that fits the bill more than any of the others.
  15. theshephard

    theshephard New Member

    M1A NM my dad gave me
    Armalite M15A2 NM
    Win 1866
    Mossberg Mariner (why wd I ever not need this?)
    I'm really trying to resist saying 'every gun I own'. :D ..but it might be true.
  16. doc2rn

    doc2rn New Member

    Ruger Standard my dad went in halves with me on for my b-day.
  17. Grassman

    Grassman New Member

    My dads circa 1968 Ruger M77 .308, that he left me at his death. Not terribly worth a ton of money, maybe 5 to $600. But I will never sell it.
  18. FiremanJim

    FiremanJim New Member

    My Sig P226 Navy NSW Commemorative. Rare find nowadays. Passing it down to my younger brother when I'm gone.

  19. Cast of One

    Cast of One New Member

    I'm not going to sell my S and W Model 65 3" but I will give it away when my son is old enough. Out of all the guns in my collection it is my son's favorite.
  20. ApacheCoTodd

    ApacheCoTodd New Member

    My DCM Garand.
    We ran a "qualifying" range on base, shot out M-21s and M-24s iron sighted to qualify (and certify the systems), ordered them through the company FFL and had them delivered through the company's arms room.

    It was as close as anyone had come to buying a direct rack-surplus firearm lately. 100% military chain to privately own a standing stock war reserve gun. Too damn cool to ever give up.

    'Course, the $170 or whatever it cost came outa our pockets just like back in the day when a fella could buy his company weapon.

    All the other semi this, high cap that and optic-ed out others aside, it and my surplus 1911 will no doubt be my "Gran Torino" guns for ever.

    What they don't do, I probably don't really need to be doing and they hold seriously strong positions in my heart as well.

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