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What is your take on polymer holsters?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by offhand, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. offhand

    offhand New Member

    My concealed carry is a USP45C. I am interested in the paddle holsters offered by Uncle Mike's and Fobus. Does anyone have any recommendations either way?



    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

  3. Working Man

    Working Man Well-Known Member

    I would not go with leather as it holds moisture. Although you do have a
    HK, you still want to do everything you can help keep it dry. The internal
    components can still rust or pit.
  4. usp_fan

    usp_fan Well-Known Member

    I have a fobus holster for my usp40c. It holds the pistol securely and it is easy draw. It "clicks" when the pistol is inserted and withdrawn. It wears on the trigger guard where the holster retains the pistol. I also have a dillion pancake leather holster for the same pistol. It holds the pistol securely and is easy to draw from. There is no click, and I haven't notices as much abrasion to the leather from my pistol.

    I like both of these holsters for different applications. You also have to understand that fobus is on the cheap end of polymer holsters. If you spend the $ for a comp-tac or Blade-Tech, I think you'll get a fanatasic holster. Of couse, if you spend the $ for a HBE leatherworks or other custom leather rig, you'll get a fantastic holster.

    I guess you'll just have to try both and see what you like.

  5. Dorian

    Dorian Well-Known Member

    Compatc CTAC
    or Shirt Tucker

    I currently carry my USPc .45 in a shirt tucker, but wish I had gotten a CTAC.

    Good luck with your decision.
  6. 04SilverSCFX4

    04SilverSCFX4 Well-Known Member

    Uncle Mikes, Comp-tack, Blade-tech or Blackhawk's CQC SERPA.

    I used to own a Fobus for my Glock 31 and didn't care for the riveted construction. I then switched to the CQC SERPA and it is a very well-made piece and quick on the draw. I carry my Springfield TRP Operator in the Comp-tac and it's heavy duty too but no real retention devices.
  7. chaim

    chaim Well-Known Member

    Plastic (polymer) holsters v. leather. Leather looks better and is classier. Plastic can be thinner, stronger, and more durable. I think nylon is a good compromise.

    Personally, I have no problem with them for plastic (polymer) guns. However, for a revolver, 1911, BHP or other classic pistol they are an abomination. For steel/alloy but utilitarian guns like the SIGS or Rugers I'd still prefer leather (or nylon would be OK) but polymer may be OK.
  8. Marshall

    Marshall Well-Known Member

    I like leather. I just can't wear a plastic holster, everything it touches it clanks on. And, like already said, some guns just don't belong in plastic.
  9. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    I went through a polymer holster phase, but fortunately I came to my senses.

    I still use a polymer holster occasionally for carrying Glocks.

    Carrying a 1911 in a polymer holster is a fashion faux pas of the worst order.
  10. Frandy

    Frandy Well-Known Member

    My choice, an Alessi:

    Last edited: Nov 18, 2005
  11. Edmond

    Edmond Well-Known Member

    For me, Sidearmor does it. They're expensive but they are very high quality hoslters. The ability to adjust cant and tension are big factors for me. My G30 has Sidearmor IWB and OWB while the P229 has a Don Hume leather. No way I was putting a P229 in plastic. :neener:
  12. Digex2

    Digex2 Well-Known Member

    For plastic holsters, try Blade-Tech, CenDex, Desantis, G-Code, or Fist.
  13. sp40cal

    sp40cal Active Member

    I carry an xd40c CCW in a comp-tac paddle holster. :evil:

  14. teombe

    teombe Well-Known Member

    That Alessi CQC/S is beautiful.

    I've got a kydex paddle from Comp-Tac for my P239. I like it - it's really good for training. My favorite IWB is a Sparks Watch Six (horse).
  15. kimbermaniac

    kimbermaniac Member

    I've owned a large variety of holsters Comp-tac makes a good holster.I owned a CTAC,it just wasn't as comfy as my G-Code IWB.I also like Sidearmor Kydex holsters.Fobus doesn't impress me at all,Uncle Mikes is okay for the price.Honestly,I would go for a slightly better product than what you will find from Fobus or Uncle Mikes.It really doesn't make sense to put a 500.00 + gun into a $20.00 holster,no more than buying a $20.00 Motorcyle helmet for your head.
  16. WarMachine

    WarMachine Well-Known Member

    I've gotten over my liking of the tacticool polymer holster. For me, I didn't like the all or nothing retention that the ones I tried had.

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