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What progressive press do you use

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by KeithB, Jan 6, 2008.


Which Progreesive press do yo uuse?

  1. Dillon

    122 vote(s)
  2. Hornady LnL AP

    76 vote(s)
  3. Lee loadmaster or Pro 1000

    46 vote(s)
  4. RCBS Pro 2000

    21 vote(s)
  1. KeithB

    KeithB Well-Known Member

    Please let us know which progressive press you have or the one you would buy, and why you prefer it
  2. KeithB

    KeithB Well-Known Member

    Dillon 550B here, i guess the lifetime no BS warranty ease of use and quality won me over to blue
  3. cdrt

    cdrt Well-Known Member

    You should have put in an option for "other".
    I'm still using two Star Machine Works presses. When they break, maybe I'll buy a Dillon. :rolleyes:
  4. mike_in_md

    mike_in_md Active Member

    Dillon 550B here.
  5. mallc

    mallc Well-Known Member

    Why I chose Dillion

    I took a reloading class at my local gunshop after the wife and I got up to about 500 rounds a week between us. The shop sold Dillion and I signed up for a 650XL with all the bells and whistles.

    The Dillion is great for refilling a bucket of bucket of brass in a short period. BUT, we eventually wanted to tinker with different loads and powders which, is difficult at best with the Dillion 650. After spending time on this board, reading Patrick Sweeny's praise for Redding seating dies, and visiting a couple more shops, I bought a Redding T7 turret.

    The T7 is loaded with a Hornady buller and Redding de-capping dies. I've been buying used die sets as I need them for small batches and working up loads. When we have a good load for the shoot, I dial it in on the Dillion and do a run.

    The Dillion is probably 4 to 6 times faster than the turret but it it doesn't like to full length size rifle cartridges during a run. I have a 1980 RCBS Rock Crusher that I restored after it went though a fire. It does big cartridge sizing, and smoothing the crimp on swaged brass.

    Next week I'm going to check into the clinic and see if I'm addicted to gun powder or just have a severe case of lead poisoning....

  6. robctwo

    robctwo Well-Known Member

    LnL. Just went over 70,000
  7. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Old Hornady Projector ;)
  8. Moccw

    Moccw Well-Known Member

    I love the rcbs, this thing is great!
  9. hotwheelz

    hotwheelz Well-Known Member

    Go Blue

    I have had 550 for 6-7 years and have loaded alot of ammo this was my first reloading machine and it will never leave my bench, easy to change calibers and work up loads, you can back it if need be just very user friendly.

    I got a 650 a few months back and it is great at production just pull the handle set a bullet WOW it fast. I will admit that it is not so good for load development tho, its hard to get case out and check powder charge but thats why my 550 will never leave the bench.
  10. Bitswap

    Bitswap Well-Known Member

    It depends...

    For high volume pistol I use a Dillon Square Deal. Was my first progressive.

    For Load development, I use a T-7 for the non-critical stuff like decapping, expanding the necks with a mandrel, neck sizing, etc. Then use a Rock Cruncher for the critical stuff like cartridge sizing and bullet seating.

    For high volume shouldered rounds I use the Dillon 550B.

    For BMG, it's all Rock Cruncher.
  11. KeithB

    KeithB Well-Known Member

    sorry about leaving the choice for other out, my bad :uhoh:
  12. Idano

    Idano Well-Known Member

    I have the Hornady AP with the case feeder. When I bought mine I compare it to the Dillon 650XL and it was pretty much a toss up; I bought mine before the bullet give away. The only reason I didn't buy the Dillon was because I would have to mail order everything I needed where as with the Hornady all the gun shops here stock them and the accessories. Personally I don't see where either press, Hornady AP or Dillon 650XL, has an advantage or disadvantage over the other. Some think there is a huge price difference but by the time I added all the bells and whistles to my Hornady (Case Feeder, Low Primer Alarm, Case Counter, Roller Handle, and outfitted all my dies with Bushings) I was within only few dollars of the Dillon. By the way that was before the free bullet give away.

    If I had the money or shot more I would buy the Dillon 1050 for two reasons: one, is that it is built on total different leverage platform (cam versus double knuckle and ram) and two, for the the swagging station for my 9mm, .223, and 30-06.
  13. Down South

    Down South Well-Known Member

    Dillon 550 B for pistol and RCBS Rockchucker for rifle.
  14. aka108

    aka108 Well-Known Member

    Older (25 yrs or so) Dillon Square Deal for handguns. Just recently needed a couple of parts for it. Called Dillon and had them 3 days later. Great warranty and service.
  15. lordgroom

    lordgroom Well-Known Member

    I have an RCBS Pro2000. I love it. The warrenty is no hassle. Even when I broke things by my own stupidity they sent me replacements for free. They even paid shipping. I chose the RCBS over the Dillon because the primer system keeps all the primers separate to add some safety,i even comes with a primer loading device to load the strips. I also like not having to buy multiple powder measures. The micrometer adjustment is perfect and completely repeatable. Simple write down the adjustment number and when you rtun to that throw dial it in and you're set. It takes 3 seconds. THe powder throw is completely accurate. If I check every 10, every 100, or every 500 the powder throw is exactly the same.
  16. col_tapiocca

    col_tapiocca Well-Known Member

    I only reload 9mm Para and .45ACP.
    My Dillon is perfect. Fast change between both calibers.
  17. highlander 5

    highlander 5 Well-Known Member

    started with a Dillon 450 upgrade to a 550 now I own 2 650s,one for small rifle/pistol primers and one set up for large rifle/pistol primers. My only complaint with the 650 changing primer arms is a PITA
  18. Spartacus451

    Spartacus451 Well-Known Member

    I can't vote both? Hornady LnL for .45 and Dillon SDB for 9MM.
  19. distra

    distra Well-Known Member

    Blue Kool Aide :D
  20. wworker

    wworker Well-Known Member

    I got on the bandwagon and just bought a 550B.

    As I just put the reloader together today, I can't say anything about it other than it looks like a good design.

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