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What rifles use an can use a M16 mag

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Sachse, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Sachse

    Sachse Active Member

    What semi-auto civlian rifles use an can use a M16 mag? Here are the ones I can think of :

    Kel-tec SU-16
    Ar-15 clones
    Armalite AR-180
    Springfield Armory SAR4800
    Bushmaster M17 bullpup
    Robinson Armament M96

    What else uses a M16 Mag?
  2. Number 6

    Number 6 Well-Known Member

    Volquartsen Evolution

    Some of these are rare, but they do exist to those that can afford them.
  3. slzy

    slzy Well-Known Member

    Dae-Woo? kinda like an ak upper,m16 lower?
  4. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy Well-Known Member

    British L85 bullpup.

    Steyr AUG with a proper kit I think.

    Any other Nato rifle pretty much.

    Daewoo K1 and K2 and civilian versions of the same.
  5. BryanP

    BryanP Well-Known Member

    I believe the Japanese Type 89 (their current service rifle) also accepts AR mags.
  6. shoobe01

    shoobe01 Well-Known Member

    He said civilan, presumably US-available. So although STANAG 2179 (AR-15) mags fit LOTS of guns, not that many of them are around here.

    Not true:
    - AUG (adapter for 9mm MPi mags only)
    - FAMAS (F1, NO; G2, FELIN, LOW-PROFILE, yes, but ZERO of those in the US)
    - FNC (similar, but not quite)
    - AR-180 (similar, but different latch hold - 180B with plastic lower is YES)

    Note that certain versions of the mags do not fit certain guns. Versions of the Orlite do not fit in most non-Colt AR-15s even. And so on.
  7. TooTech

    TooTech Well-Known Member

    WILL fit in the FNC.

    Owned one, had several Colt M16 mags I used with it. Worked just great!
  8. PMDW

    PMDW Well-Known Member

    I can also vouch for the FNCs ability to accept AR mags.
  9. Osborn

    Osborn New Member

    I just read about some Remington .223 pump that takes M16 mags too. Looks kind of interesting.
  10. natedog

    natedog Well-Known Member

    Galil with an adaptor- presumably most .223 AKs could use that adaptor, but I've never tried it, and am eager to hear from anyone who has.
  11. ftierson

    ftierson Member.

    What shoobe01 says...

    Also, the FNC, Daewoo K2 and K1A1 (and other model numbers for the same guns), and the Daewoo DR200...
  12. sendtoscott

    sendtoscott Well-Known Member

  13. Solo

    Solo Well-Known Member

    FN F2000


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