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What sacrifices do you make to pay for your firearms habit?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Beren, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Beren

    Beren Moderator Emeritus

    Fess up, folks. Most of us have a "problem." We like to buy expensive things like firearms, even though we may have to sacrifice other things.

    What have you given up to free more funds for firearms?

    Personally, I've started eating more beans and less steak...oh, and I gave up women, too. :D
  2. Dead

    Dead Well-Known Member

    You need woman that buys more guns than you do, then you will be OK! :)

    I rather not give up "other things", such as school, or food, gas, utilties, shelter. Other than that guns, ammo buyin looks good... ;)
  3. Old Dog

    Old Dog Well-Known Member

    I'm thinkin' my methods of funding my gun-buying habit need to remain classified ever since my wife "accidentally" found my computer bookmarks ... including THR, and I'm pretty sure she'd recognize my screen name ...

    I've cut way down on my pizza and beer consumption, quit smoking expensive cigars almost every day, squirrel away all my travel pay/per diem when on dets/deployed, and finally, actually learned how to save money just by tucking away a few bucks a day ... One way I "sacrifice" is by not purchasing a new truck every couple of years like I used to ... driving a paid-off vehicle sure saves on bucks ...
  4. yorec

    yorec Well-Known Member

    Time - that part time job, whose funds are earmarked for firearms, takes up an awful lof of it.
  5. GoBrush

    GoBrush Well-Known Member

    I collect all loose change from my pocket each night and that goes for Ammo:D Atleast the change my kids dont take when I am not looking.:neener:

    You can tell when my Ammo fund gets low I shoot more 22's during those times almost just as fun but lots cheaper.

    I am in sales when bonus money comes my way thats NEW GUN TIME:evil:
  6. Kurush

    Kurush Well-Known Member

    Since I started collecting guns I only smoke PCP three times a week.

  7. grimjaw

    grimjaw Well-Known Member


    Dining out at fancy restaurants, other than sushi places.

    Some acquaintances.

  8. Ovid

    Ovid Well-Known Member

    I gave up wearing Prada,,, now I have more money to spend on guns, AND I don't attract as many gold diggers :D
  9. Sharps Shooter

    Sharps Shooter Well-Known Member

    I sure hope my 20 year old F-150 makes it another year before I have to do a top-end engine overhaul. The fenders are rusting off it too, but I've been wanting a 10mm 1911 for a while now. And of course, I'll soon have to buy another 30-06 to celebrate the first 100 years of that fine cartridge.:)
  10. jsalcedo

    jsalcedo Well-Known Member

    Lay away.

    Once you start paying it's 90 days or you lose it. :D

    Cruising all the pawnshops each month until you find a gem in the rough that
    the managment is ignorant of.

    Not eating out, sending cards instead of gifts to worthless relatives. :neener:
  11. trickyasafox

    trickyasafox Well-Known Member

    gave up paintball(that hurt maybe after college i'll hop back into it)
    started reloading *whoever says that doesnt help is trying hard to save*
    dont drink at college. you'll be amazed how much you save
  12. cz75bdneos22

    cz75bdneos22 Well-Known Member

    easy for me...

    i don't smoke, drink or go to clubs...that frees up a lot of money...:what:
    as for "pure"...:barf: i spend my money on motorcycles. guns and women...:evil: in that order...YMMV :neener:
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2005
  13. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    Though I'm not as pure as cz75bdneos22, I also have a pretty low-maintenance lifestyle, so that really frees me up in the finance dept. No TV, no microwave, try to avoid using heat or A/C, used car, trade CDs when I get tired of them.

    I try and avoid owning things that I don't really, really want to own, so that makes it very easy to own the few things that I definitely want to own, like my soon-to-arrive Bushmaster Dissipator.

    "No son pobres los que poco tienen, son pobres los que mucho desean"

    ("The poor are not those who have little, the poor are those who want much", from a 16thC. Spanish play)

  14. Gunz

    Gunz Well-Known Member

    Living beneath my means has allowed me to collect gradually over the years. Same avoidance of luxuries listed above have helped divert funds towards the guns I have desired.

    Being a regular working guy makes it tough to support the habit. Still, it is gratifying to have the little pleasures in life.

    The irony is the fact that gun collecting has helped me develop an incredibly disciplined budgeting mindset. All the basic necessities are covered, and the residuals are free to go to the toy of themonth.

    A long time ago, I hit my saturation point, and now collect only the hard-to-find models.
  15. UberPhLuBB

    UberPhLuBB Well-Known Member

    I've been without health insurance for 4 months so I have more money to spend on guns and ammo. :uhoh:

    Do I really need to pay my mortgage...?
  16. TABING

    TABING Well-Known Member

    I'm on wife # five, you do the math. (She was a martial arts instructor in the Peoples Liberation Army, China).

    She can do things with a Makarov an SKS and an AK- 47 that would fill your heart with joy.
  17. Crosshair

    Crosshair Well-Known Member

    No Partying and lots of overtime when I can get it.
  18. rick_reno

    rick_reno member

    None, I have three guns - it doesn't take any sacrifices to support them.
  19. AStone

    AStone Well-Known Member

    Two months ago, these were my choices:

    * Washing machine, new laptop, & a large table for 10 in the conference room


    * Remington 870P, SW 642, CZ 452, SOG Seal Pup Elite, Benchmade Osborne.

    Guess which group of choices won.

    <Hint: check my user name>

    Hey, I'm not as mobile with computing power, my clothes are not as clean as the 'average American', & I have to sit around folding tables with clients & students...

    ...BUT, I'm more prepared for SHTF/TEOTWAWKI than the average American.

    And thank some diety for cheap canned beer. :D

  20. Finch

    Finch Well-Known Member

    I take a lot of time looking for the next big IPO, most recent being google....:banghead:

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