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What the heck is 7.62x45? (VZ 52 reviews?)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Col. Plink, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Col. Plink

    Col. Plink Well-Known Member

    I know it's the dimensions of a cartridge but are they very common? Can't recall seeing any around, but can't say I was looking either...

    I like Czech arms a lot and am looking at a VZ 52, any help there? Thanks in advance!
  2. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

  3. Col. Plink

    Col. Plink Well-Known Member

    Right, should have known when neither Ammoman nor CheaperThanDirt nor AimSurplus even have it listed...
  4. DrakeGmbH

    DrakeGmbH Well-Known Member

    The Czechs introduced the Vz.52 chambered in their new M52 cartridge - 7.62x45. Arguably superior ballistically to the M43 7.62x39, pressure from the Soviet Union persuaded them to adopt the M43 cartridge. The Vz.52 was modified with a chamber insert and new magazine to create the Vz.52/57 chambered in 7.62x39. You can spot 52/57's amongst US-modified versions by the pin under the rear sight.

    A conversion kit was sold in the US with a chamber insert an epoxy compound. These will work but the original magazines will have feeding problems with the shorter cartridge. I've heard concerns about the epoxy letting go and the insert being pulled out with the empty case.

    I've attached a comparison of these models and a photo of some 7.62x45 ammo. On the far right is a 7.62x39 for size reference. I found a box at my local shop some years ago and had been sitting there for at least five more years.

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  5. sarduy

    sarduy Well-Known Member

    that's an 7.62x39 on steroids
  6. candr44

    candr44 Well-Known Member

    The VZ52/57 used a new barrel chambered for the 7.62x39 cartridge not a chamber insert.

    The 7.62x45 cartridge is hard to find but you can make the brass if you reload. You may still be able to find some on Gunbroker and I see it at gun shows once in a great while. The chamber inserts do have a reputation for being ejected with a case unless they are silver soldered in.

    Magazines and parts for the VZ52 can still be found. I have had one of these rifles for several years and now have 6 magazines for it and an original cleaning kit. I also found 1200 rounds at a gun show. The rifle, ammo, cleaning kit, and magazines weren't very expensive either but finding everything took a while.
  7. DrakeGmbH

    DrakeGmbH Well-Known Member

    My mistake, you are correct - I got my wires crossed. I've only seen a few of these rifles locally but all have been x45. I keep holding out for a factory 52/57 rather than the CAI modified rifle with a chamber insert. Very interesting design, but a bit outdated by the time it was fielded. The Vz.52/57 did not remain in front line service for long as the Vz.58's introduction wasn't far behind.
  8. zoom6zoom

    zoom6zoom Well-Known Member

    Only two firearms were ever chambered in this round, the VZ52 and a Czech light machine gun. Best place I have found to find ammo is gunbroker, usually about 40 - 50 cents / round. Tends to be quite corrosive.

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