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What was that small revolver in the end of Minority Report?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Hugo, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. Hugo

    Hugo New Member

    Possible SPOILERS warning for Minority Report!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the end of Minority Report (Great Movie!!!!) the chief loads up a really small commemorative gold plated revolver with gold (plated or solid?) bullets. We know who he shoots with it but what kind of revolver is it? My guess is a very customized NAA revolver but I can't be sure as I'm not an expert. One of you must know so let's here it. Also what kind of Pistol did Tom Cruise use? I heard it's a Beretta 9000 (also heard they jam like crazy and police hate them) but I could have heard wrong. Tell everyone please!

    Also would solid gold bullets be much different from lead? About as heavy and soft isn't it? Or Platinum? Or Silver? Or what other metals would work? Kind of interesting if you imagine the wierd possibilities. And yeah I remember the Man with the Golden Gun. :)

  2. yesterdaysyouth

    yesterdaysyouth New Member

    it is a 9000s, but the rest of what you heard is BS....

    if your 9000s does jam it's probally because it was limp-wristed.... very small grip on a top heavy pistol, with mean recoil....big time on the .40 version....
  3. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    silver bullets

    About 1969 or 1970, as I recall, I believe it was Gun World that had an article about silver bullets ala The Lone Ranger. The first problem they had was they wouldn't fill out the cavities in the Lyman mold very well so most of the one they cast were usless. The 2nd problem was that the accuracy of them was horrid.

    I also met a Gun Dealer/Jeweler back in the early 80's who had made some Gold & Silver bullets via the lost wax casting method. He had originally made them as Jewelry but said he couldn't resist loading and shooting a couple. He also said they didn't shoot worth a hoot.

    So I guess the reason The Lone Ranger never killed anyone was because of those inaccurate silver bullets.
  4. Hugo

    Hugo New Member

    Just watched that scene on my DVD (man I love DVDs) again. The bullets in the movie were gold plated.
  5. Hugo

    Hugo New Member

    I can't believe nobody has any idea if the small revolverl from Minority Report is a North American Arms (NAA) or what. Somebody must know or know somebody who works at NAA. Thanks folks.

    Hugo :D
  6. Kingknives

    Kingknives New Member

    I don't have the DVD, but saw the end a couple of times, and I don't think it's an NAA pistol.

    It looked like an older, early 1900's, style revolver. Possibly european. I'll tape it next time it's on HBO and take a closer look.

  7. MrAcheson

    MrAcheson New Member

    Little bit of history here:

    Rifling was originally thought to be a tool of the devil because of a contest held by a Bishop using two rifled muskets. The first shot conventional lead bullets. The second fired silver bullets, marked with a cross, and blessed by a priest. The lead shooter won after the silver shooter failed to hit the target once. So the bishop concluded that the rifled musket was a tool of the devil because it had rejected the sacred ammunition. Of course the real problem is that silver bullets don't grip rifling well because they're too hard so they were wildly inaccurate.

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