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What was your last impulse buy that you had buyers remorse over?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by 460Shooter, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I found myself looking at a Smith and Wesson, Performance Center 686 Competitor.

    When I pulled up that listing on Gunbroker for the third time, my hand started involuntarily clicking the "Buy it Now" button. My hand put the thing on lay away and I will have it paid for in three months..... By the time my brain regained what ever semblance of control I like to pretend it has, I realized that I will soon be the owner of a beautiful S&W PC .357. This is essentially my grail revolver. I've wanted one for several years......

    Then I realized I had also purchased a weight loss system that is more effective than Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or P90X, combined............ as I will no longer be purchasing food.

    So it made me wonder.

    What is the last handgun you bought on impulse because you had to have it, and then kicked yourself afterwards for buying do to the cost?

    I'm not talking about regretting buying a gun because it ended up sucking. I just mean buyer's remorse for finances. I have a feeling that once I recieve it, the price will be a distant memory. Until then though, I will feel this one for awhile.

    No pics until it's mine..... as I don't own it yet.
  2. Havok7416

    Havok7416 Well-Known Member

    I got into a situation several years back where I ended up buying a gun a week or so. It took two months to realize that I didn't have the income to support that type of spending. Some of the memorable guns from that timeframe include an M1 Garand, H&K USC, a Savage 210, a Mosin-Nagant M44, a S&W 629, a Beretta 96, a S&W 640 and an FN 5.7. I still have most of them but only because I sold off a bunch more to pay the bills.
  3. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    I have done that once before. I purchased a crossbow with bolts, broadheads, target, etc. when I really couldn't afford it.
    I have a family, so needless to say, I felt like crap for a while. My wife wasn't too hard on me, though she would have been justified if she had been. I apologized to her for my selfishness and since then, have made double certain I could afford it before I made a large purchase.
    I don't know if you're married or not, but that's my bone headed move.
  4. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

    Not married. No kids. So I guess it isn't so bad. Still kicking myself a bit though.
  5. wlewisiii

    wlewisiii Well-Known Member

    Mauser C96 Broomhandle. Turned into a money pit that couldn't hit anything. Over the target when aimed center of mass at 15 yards. This was after relining. I managed to sell it for what I had in it in cash but part of what I used to get it was a traded near mint pencil barrel S&W Model 10 & _that_ I really miss.
  6. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    Buyer's remorse?
    I expirence that whenever I buy a gun and have had for years.
    Fortunately the "feeling" soon leaves ESPECIALLY when I start shooting the recent purchase.
    I REALLY do not need any more guns as I have MOST of the desired item catergory covered!
  7. tubeshooter

    tubeshooter Well-Known Member

    Not really buyer's remorse in the classic sense, and not because of the money. I tend to get pretty modest stuff. One day I was thinking about the average cost, and I think it comes out to right at $333 per item.

    More like... either I didn't really need and don't use it, or it was an impulse buy that approximated something I really wanted but couldn't find at the time. That second one will bite you; I have learned not to settle.

    Besides - you always go on to get what you originally intended anyway.

    I wasn't buying too often, but I did put two or three on a credit card and failed to pay it off promptly. I have learned that lesson as well. Don't do that. Paying cash or debit only helps keep things in line much better, at least for me.
  8. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Yep. That will turn those $333 purchases into $550-$600 ones in a hurry if you're paying the minimum payment. You're right. That's not a good idea.
  9. MrBorland

    MrBorland Moderator

    I've recognized my impulsive side long ago, and have gotten pretty good at enduring "The Call" until it subsides, so it's rare I buy a gun without giving it a lot of thought and research.

    LOL. :D Yeah, I immediately thought of this, too. Not being the financial island I once was definitely helps keep The Call in check. ;)
  10. jad0110

    jad0110 Well-Known Member

    I sort of had one like that. I was watching a live auction on a 1920 DWM P08 Luger. The price looked very good at $500. But the moment I clicked the live "bid now" button, about a bunch of other bidder did the exact same thing within .2 seconds ... and I was the HIGH bidder. It wasn't a terrible price, but instead of a great deal, I probably overpaid by $150, including shipping and auction fees. Pissed me off a bit. I learned not to use the live bid button, but enter my max bid and let it be.

    Far worse than that was a near 20 year old SUV I bought recently for $3200 to use on family fishing and camping trips. I knew it needed some work (about $2,300 worth), and I figured that would be it and the total price would still be good. I've got about $7,000 in repairs in it now, and it is still climbing, with something new breaking every 50 miles or so. :banghead:
  11. Teachu2

    Teachu2 Well-Known Member

    My first wife. :evil:
  12. newfalguy101

    newfalguy101 Well-Known Member

    Not myself personally, BUT, a customer of mine bought a Ruger M-77 lefthand 22-250 on Gunbroker and had it shipped to me for transfer.

    Gun came in last Thursday, I contacted him via e-mail. Saturday he replied asking me to sell it for him as he found out the previous evening his wife is expecting again, and he felt guilty for buying the rifle.

    Anybody interested in a NIB Ruger M-77 Hawkeye Lefty 22-250???
  13. oldbear

    oldbear Well-Known Member

    My last impulse buy was an S7W M-586, but I don't have any remorse over it, just the opposite.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2013
  14. mrwhite1

    mrwhite1 New Member

    460Kodiak, congratulations! Trust me when you open that box and gaze at that beauty eating roots and sticks to get you by those months will be worth it! Guarantee!
  15. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

    LOL! I suspect you are correct! I remember the first time I saw a 629-5 PC on gunbroker about 2.5 years ago. It is the same design but in 44 magnum and had an unflutted cylinder. It was NIB and I bid $1000. It sold for $1400. The same gun NIB is now selling on gunbroker for something like close to $3000. I wish I had bid higher. I started muttering to myself "I have to have this gun. I wish it was in .357 because it would be a lot cheaper to shoot, but I have to have this gun anyway......." I have a 460 mag so a 44 mag is a little redundant for me, not that I don't want one anyway. Now I'll have one in .357.... ok, I'm excited. At the moment I only have a Ruger SP101 in .357 mag, so I really wanted a highly accurate range gun in .357 with a 6" bbl. I could hunt with this gun in certain places too. Patience is going to be hard on this one.

    I know many people consider Colt snake guns to be the pinacle of modern SA/DA revolvers, but this is my dream revolver. Huh, I now realize I'm paying the same amount I would be for a Python. :banghead: Well, honestly, I want the 686 more than a Python anyway.

    It will be getting a set of Nills grips put on it, I will be attempting to find a holster for it, thouhg I suspect I'll be going to a leather worker and having one made custom, and it will be passed on in my family after I'm gone. My nephew will likely get it.

    It will be an heirloom to my kingdom.... my precious :scrutiny:...... Ummm, I mean no... talking like that is weird. "What did I pay?" Musn't ask! Not it's business!....... golum, golum.... :D
  16. hemiram

    hemiram Well-Known Member

    It's been a long time since I bought a gun on impulse that I regretting buying. For a while, I don't know why, but almost every new gun I bought was a lemon. The used ones were fine. I would have to say the last impulse gun I regretted buying was my Colt Combat Commander. Looked pretty, shot badly. Very badly. Colt not only didn't fix it, they scratched the slide all up! It didn't have one well machined part. I think it was the most expensive gun I ever bought. I lucked out and a Colt fanatic bought it so I was only out a hundred bucks or so.
  17. highpower

    highpower Well-Known Member

    I seldom buy new guns and when I do, I try to buy them for the lowest price I can negotiate. Most of my purchases are older guns that I have wanted for years and for one reason or the other I don't have yet. I am set to retire next year and since my income will be much less than it is now, I am making an effort to get as many as I can while I have the income to do so.

    In order to afford to buy them at the rate that I am currently maintaining (around one every two-three weeks), I am working two jobs and also do welding/fabrication jobs at home at night. I am almost done with getting the "must have" guns and am now starting to buy the ones that are just really good deals.

    The only remorse I have, is that I still have only so much money to spend.
  18. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    Agree. Been there.
  19. Shuler13

    Shuler13 Well-Known Member

    Bought a used glock 19 for $459; I had a glock 22 before and sold it. I kept hearing how the g19 was the ultimate all everything wonder-9. First range trip I remembered why I sold the G22. I just don't like Glocks. Between it and my other polymer 9mm, it was third or fourth in preference. I sold it a month later along with the two extra mags and new night sights I added when I bought it. I broke even, but I have to admit the remorse set in shortly after the purchase.
  20. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    A couple of years ago I was at my local gunstore and discovered they had gotten in a large amount of S&W Model 66's from a police trade. This was just before Christmas.

    I wound up putting a very nice 4" first issue no-dash 66 on layaway...and then went back the next day and bought a 2.5" no-dash 66...and I was maudlin about just spending $800 on two revolvers when Christmas was upon us and I have two kids to buy for.

    But ya know, you just can't find those guns anymore for anything close to that price.

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