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What would you do with your guns/ammo if you had to temporarily evacuate?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by DMK, May 13, 2004.

  1. DMK

    DMK Well-Known Member

    Say you had to temporarily evacuate your house due to some kind of potential for disaster (flood, fire, chem, bio, whatever). Assume you have some warning so it's not mayhem, but you won't be back for perhaps a week or two. What do you do with your guns and ammo?

    My biggest concern would be looters. I'd hate to arm a bunch of losers that would hang around and scavenge what's left behind.
  2. Desert Dog

    Desert Dog Well-Known Member

    Easy, leave them in the gun safe where they are now...
  3. No Trespassing

    No Trespassing Well-Known Member

    We had to evacuate last summer due to fires. There's no way I could fight brush fires with my well Although I keep a 100 foot clearance the winds can really move the flames..

    We keep everything important in firelined safes and that includes guns. If we had to leave RIGHT NOW, I would hope the safes are as good as they say. However, if they don't HAVE to burn, I'd rather take them. We have two dodge Rams so we can take darn near everything dear to us.

    After the dog, cats, horses were loaded out we went back for the pictures and the safes.

    The 3 document safes can be unbolted from the floor and in the truck in 15 min's.

    It took another 15 minutes to unload the gun safe, use the fridge dolly to get it outside, 4 of us to slide it into the back of the Ram and toss the guns/ammo in the back seat.

    A lot of work but worth it if you have the time IMO.
  4. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    I've only got a few guns:

    Handguns would go with. If I have time, I'll grab my shotgun, .22, and some ammo for both.
    That reminds me, I need to rotate my emergency water this month.
  5. WT

    WT Well-Known Member

    I'd pick up a 1911 and the wife would pick up a 9mm. We'd leave the rest in the vault.
  6. Mr. Mysterious

    Mr. Mysterious Well-Known Member

    Whats the firerating on your average safe?
  7. Cameron Lamont

    Cameron Lamont Well-Known Member

    What the hell?

    I would take them with me!

    You wouldn't leave your kids behind...
  8. SJG26

    SJG26 member

    ATC: What schedule do you rotate??

    "That reminds me, I need to rotate my emergency water this month"

    I did the 2-55 gallon drums of water routine last year finally - what is the recommended refresh timing?? (fileed w/ regular tap water)
  9. Sawdust

    Sawdust Well-Known Member

    I change my stash quarterly; I could probably let it go longer, but it's just easy to remember that way.

    When earnings reports for publicly-traded companies start coming out...I change my water.

    Makes sense to me...:D


  10. shooten

    shooten Well-Known Member

    We had to evacuate because of the fires last year too. I brought them with me. It's easier to do that than replace them here in Kali.

  11. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member


    I buy water bottles (2.5 gallon, and 1-2 cases of 16oz bottles) with an expiration date and rotate it out when its expired. I usually only keep about 10-15 gallons, plus the smaller bottles. Just enough to get me through 72 hours. If I need more, I've got 10 propane canisters and a stove to boil water.
  12. cheygriz

    cheygriz Well-Known Member

    I grab the Glock 17 and the AR-15, two magazines for each, and leave the rest in the safe. My safe is rated for 1200 degrees for 90 minutes.

    I throw the ammo, powder and primers in the camper-trailer, hitch up and take off. (No point in leaving flammable material behind.)
  13. BluesBear

    BluesBear member

    What would you do with your guns/ammo if you had to temporarily evacuate?

    Well, first I'd rent a rather large truck...
  14. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    You've got the longest signature I've ever seen. Are you compensating for your lack of a good "man bag"?
  15. RED-DOG 40

    RED-DOG 40 Well-Known Member

    You've got the longest signature I've ever seen. Are you compensating for your lack of a good "man bag"?....:uhoh:

    .....OUCH !!.....:D
  16. JamisJockey

    JamisJockey member

    Sorry....that comes out of this thread.
    Just having some fun at BluesBear's expense.
  17. rick_reno

    rick_reno member

    Nothing - I don't have any guns or ammo.
  18. TallPine

    TallPine Well-Known Member

    Take them with - as we just did this week already.

    Don't have a fire safe, but don't have that many guns either.

    I don't worry too much about the ammo, except to take some of everything with us so we won't have guns with no ammo. If the fire takes the structures, then by that time the ammo left behind isn't going to make anything that much worse - total destruction is total destruction any way you look at it. And the typical FD structure protection strategy is to foam the house and get out while the fire burns over, then go back in and cool things back down. A lot of houses survive the burn over only to succumb to hot embers in the wrong places.

    And we (the wife and kids, actually - I will already be paged out by then) try to take the camper trailer that already has some food and extra clothing in it. We don't leave the guns in the camper though, because it is more likely to burn up than the house if it gets left behind.
  19. one45auto

    one45auto Well-Known Member

    I suppose it would depend upon how much warning I had. If given an hour I could take just about everything I own apart from the furniture, which wouldn't matter anyway because it's all insured. On the other hand, if I had say ten minutes or less I'd keep it simple; firearms, ammunition, B.O.B., and a few personal effects. As shooten said it's eaiser than replacing them, and in some cases I wouldn't be able to.

    I would have included family photos, but I learned a lesson from watching coverage of the wildfires in California years back. These days almost all of the photographs on display in my house are copies, with the originals safely stored in a safe deposit box at the bank along with my birth certificate, personal Bible, my Great-Uncle's letter (handwritten in the trenches of WW1), and some other important documents. Call me cautious, but I even have a copy of them on CD as an extra precaution.
  20. thumbtack

    thumbtack Well-Known Member

    Take what I can and leave the rest in the safe, that is what I bought it for.

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