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What would you do?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by clemsonu0219, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. clemsonu0219

    clemsonu0219 Well-Known Member

    I have a few options here as far as a new purchase or upgrades.

    1.) I currently own a Bushmaster A3 w/ a fluted upper. I can buy a new upper (when I can get a hold of one) and turn my AR more to the 'tactical' side. About $625. (probably 16" LMT upper or Bushy 16") I will eventually pick up another lower.

    2.) Keep my same AR variant, get new grips, stock, railing systems for my AK-47 and turn it more tactical. Also, along with this option I will spend some money to upgrade my Kel Tec Sub 2000 (railing, stock extension, high cap mags, extra mag holder, etc.) About $200-$400.

    Now with option two, I will have one gun (AR 15) set up for longer range firing (100-500) yards w/ the proper optics. I will have a small 9mm carbine that is ideal for home defense and inside about 75 yrds. THEN I will also have my 'tactical' rifle in the AK-47. Of course, I feel that the AK set up is not quite as nice as the AR set up would be but its all cheaper than option 1.

    This is all, of course, for fun, collecting, shooting, and SHTF scenarios. I know I should go with what I want but I am still having trouble deciding all together. Thoughts and recommendations?
  2. Schofield3

    Schofield3 Well-Known Member

    Option 2
    Tune up what you've got
  3. wintermute

    wintermute New Member

    Well everyone has an opinion, and I'm sure every response will be a different one.

    IF it were me.. I would take option 2. You then have a tacti-cool AK, which is about as reliable and SHTF ready as you could hope for. I know the current AR platforms are very reliable, but AK's are still less finicky about cleaning, and running any kind of ammo that you can feed them. Not to mention upgrading the Kel Tec. Score!

    And you still have a nice long range AR platform for target shooting and plinking. I started with a 16" AR and really wish I had went 20" to get more velocity.

    Just my .02 Do what you want, you'll be the one shooting them! :D
  4. clemsonu0219

    clemsonu0219 Well-Known Member

    That was kind of my thinking too.

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