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What your LGS or LR pricing their ammo at?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Droid noob, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Droid noob

    Droid noob Well-Known Member

    Went to the range last night and paid $16 a box for blazer 9mm 115 grain. Also paid $26 a box for wwb 45 auto. Is this about what your seeing around you?

    I don't shoot much 45, but thought that was particularly high.

    Please refrain from the pointless "I reload", "you should have stocked up" comments. I am stocked, but won't shoot it up if ammo is available.
  2. hey_poolboy

    hey_poolboy Well-Known Member

    I reload my .45acp but try to keep a couple boxes of factory around just in case. Last week I paid $22.50 for wwb, they also had 100 round wwb for $44.

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  3. herkyguy

    herkyguy Well-Known Member

    LGS had two boxes of independence 9mm 124 grain for $19.99 on the shelf last time I stopped by. I bought them. I don't regret it. It was the first 9mm I'd seen in a while. I plan on getting into reloading at some point, but for now, I'll grab 9mm at moderately inflated prices just to keep enough on hand to shoot my XD's from time to time.
  4. RoboDuck

    RoboDuck Well-Known Member

    Reloaded 9mm FMJ is $20 for 50 rounds. 22lr in 500 round bulk is $50.
  5. xfyrfiter

    xfyrfiter Well-Known Member

    Just recieved Natchez catalog, and their prices even on ammo seemed to be well within reason and Midway pricing is good also.
  6. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    What ammo? LGS had no 9mm, no .22, the only .45 ACP was JHP, did not ask the price because they had a few little boxes of .30 carbine they wanted $52 for... And $40 for 20 round AR mags. :mad: Plenty of shotgun shells at normal prices.

    I just go there to shoot at their range.
  7. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Well-Known Member

    ^^^What ammo, indeed. Aside from a few 20-round boxes of critical defense, or whatever, there's no 9mm or 45acp to be had locally to me. My favorite new LGS does have Speer lawman 38 +P tmj in brass cases for 18.95, 2-per customer limit. I've been grabbing a couple of boxes of that each time I go in; prices are very much in line with pre-hyperpanic online stickers, so good on them.

    As an aside, a week ago they got a much anticipated back order of ARs in-six of them. All six went instantly, of course, but the good part is that the store stickered them at the same price they've been all year. Another LGS is running their sales the same way: guess which two stores are going to get a good portion of my town's repeat business in the future? These guys have bent way over backward to avoid gouging their consumer base, and I'm hoping it pays off for them.
  8. FLGlocker23

    FLGlocker23 Member

    Sounds about right considering the ammo situation now. I have a few local ranges I shoot at and their white box .40 ammo is 19-21$ a box of 50 depending on where I go. It's getting so damn expensive to shoot now, SMH. And Wally World stops before range for better prices are now fruitless
  9. Droid noob

    Droid noob Well-Known Member

    I guess we're lucky. The range I go to has all major calibers in stock. They are only selling it for their range right now. I suspect that's why they haven't run out
  10. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    Would love to be able to shoot my 9mm at the range... I got a source for some .45 ACP, but it is a bit of a drive.

    Hopefully it will get back to normal soon.
  11. firesky101

    firesky101 Well-Known Member

    What my LGS has he sells for the same markup from his price he always has. If you really need something specific he will do his best, but may have to use a more expensive distributor. Bought 4 bricks of federal 550 for 19.97 each from him last week. Of course he is way out in the sticks so not many people drive out there, he does most of his business on the telephone.
  12. CrypticStatic

    CrypticStatic Member

    The Gander Mountain nearest to me had one box left of 350 rds of 9mm 115gr blazer brass for $99

    I managed to get there just seconds before someone else who wanted to pounce on it!
  13. berettaprofessor

    berettaprofessor Well-Known Member

    What ammo? Haven't seen any ammo beyond shotgun in Walmart for weeks now. Went to Cabelas in KC today; NO 22LR of any kind shape or color except Federal Birdshot....that's right, no bulk, no ELEY match, no Remington Subsonic, no Wolf, not even any 22shorts. No 22WMR either. They did have 9 mm and 223 mm in quantity; if you count MFS zinc-plated steel case....nothing else in both of those calibers. No 32ACP, No 380 ACP...none.
  14. rbernard

    rbernard Member

    Blazer .22lr 500rnd = $30
    sellier and bellot 115gr 9mm = $15/50
    Tula 115gr 9mm = $14/50
    sellier and bellot 230gr .45ACP = $21/50
    American Eagle and PPU .223 = $15/20
  15. bri

    bri Well-Known Member

    Below is a quote off of the website of a large LGS in my area. To be fair, they've always had very competitive firearms prices, ammo not so much. Suffice to say, I haven't gone in there to seek out any ammo lately.

    "...sorry- some of our ammo wholesale cost is higher than our RETAIL price was just a few weeks ago.* We are paying higher prices in many instances just to get some popular caliber ammo to offer our customers, it's better than nothing though...* Please check on Gunbroker to see the current market prices on ammo if you don't believe us.* But hey- AT LEAST WE HAVE SOME IN STOCK!* Gander/Cabelas/Fleet Farm has target/range ammo at the "old prices"?* Good luck with that- We are getting reports that when these retailers receive and put out the small amount they may still occasionally be getting from thier own warehouses, it is gone within minutes.* Scooped up by people who run home to re-sell it on Gunbroker for 2-3x the price!"
  16. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    Damn! Do they ship? (@Rbrnard)
  17. BADUNAME30

    BADUNAME30 Well-Known Member

    9mm,hard ball .45 only up a $1 or so, 550 .22, $22.
  18. Analogkid

    Analogkid Well-Known Member

    $61 for cci mini mag swamp people bulk packs.
    $35 for PMC Round nose 357.
    $32 for round nose 38 special.
    $28 for PMC Brass round nose.

    Patriot arms in Eureka Mo. I Wanted a little .38 they had but I was a little turned off by the whole deal.

    I Went down the street to Walmart and got a 2 100 round bulk pack 9mm WWB for $29
    and a bulk box of wwb 45acp for pretty cheap.
  19. Fred_G

    Fred_G Well-Known Member

    Ahh, you up to getting some of that and shipping it to me?
  20. CBT_ENG

    CBT_ENG Member

    250 rounds of CCI, Swamp people edition, $65.00. Limit one per person

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