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What's a Hi Point 9mm Carbine worth?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by hometheaterman, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. hometheaterman

    hometheaterman Well-Known Member

    What do you guys think a Hi Point 9mm Carbine is worth? A local gun store has a used one for $229.99. Is this high? I was thinking it was but not really sure.

    I don't normally like Hi Point and probably wouldn't buy one of their pistols however, I'm liking this 9mm Carbine and it seems to get decent reviews. What do you guys think they are worth? What are the goods and bads of them?
  2. LoneCoon

    LoneCoon Well-Known Member

    If they have it in stock, that's a decent price if it comes with more than one magazine, or a compensator, or scope of some sort.

    Other than that, it's a bit high, but not unreasonable, especially if they're in stock. I bought one new in box (1 mag) for 190 here on Saturday and I'm happy with it. They are getting harder to find though, and with the general increase in centerfire rifle prices, it's not outrageous.
  3. UpInSmoke

    UpInSmoke Well-Known Member

    That price is kinda high. Ive seen them in stock locally new from 225 to 275(had extended mag and sling). But if they have it in stock and its in good shape, get it if you want it. But it might not hurt to shop around a bit first.
  4. hometheaterman

    hometheaterman Well-Known Member

    Yeah I more than likely would have bought it had it been new but you could tell it was used. The action just looked used. I didn't ask if they had any extra magazines for it but they didn't have them with the gun.

    It didn't have a scope but had the scope bases. They seemed to have replaced the rear open sight unless I'm missing something. It had a front open sight though. It also had a laser sight on it though. This looked like one of the $30-50 ones I've seen at gun shows. Not a fancy one by any means. Then at the end of the barrel it had some thing that looked sort of like a muzzle break. Not sure if that was added or if it came on it.

    No sling or anything was on it.

    How many rounds does the factory magazine have in these things? I think I will let this thing pass as it seems high to me for a used one. It's not something I feel like I have to have it's just something I've thought was cool for a while and finally saw one in person.
  5. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    I bought mine new for $179.99, on sale. But that was back when they weren't hard to find. You might reconsider it, that's not a terrible price considering the market today, and they're LOTS of fun to shoot! They certainly won't be getting any cheaper.

    I've also heard of HP having production issues, so new carbines may even be harder to find. Used or not, HP will stand behind that carbine 100% too, that's something to consider. Oh, the mags are 10 rounds. The sling, don't need it. The muzzle brake is a nice feature, that would account for some of the extra price, same with the laser.

    Just make sure you can get some 9mm ammo for it too. THAT might be the worst part of the equation.
  6. LoneCoon

    LoneCoon Well-Known Member

    It should come with the Iron sights as well, as they come factory standard with both the rail mount and the ghost ring.

    Which, quite frankly, is awesome of them.
  7. ilbob

    ilbob Well-Known Member

    These days they are hard to come by, which may explain the price which seems a bit high.

    By most accounts they are a good quality carbine that will give you a lot of solid use.

    Compare the used price to the new price from Bud's.

  8. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    FWIW, my HP carbine is a .40, and this is the target from the very first time I shot it. 50 rounds at 10 yards, right out of the box, no sight adjustments or anything. I have a cheap BSA red-dot on it now, and I can bust soda cans and bounce golf balls all day long with it!

  9. GRIZ22

    GRIZ22 Well-Known Member

    this is the target from the very first time I shot it. 50 rounds at 10 yards, right out of the box, no sight adjustments or anything.

    Shooting a shoulder weapon at 10 yards is not a genuine test of it's accuarcy.

    I have a 9mm Hi Point carbine that shoots about 5" groups at 100 yards using the iron sights with just about any kind of ammo.
  10. Ned Kelly

    Ned Kelly member

    If hi-point came out with a carbine in .45 I would be the first in line.
  11. Big Daddy Grim

    Big Daddy Grim Well-Known Member

    Bought mine for $155 new been a few years back now though.
  12. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    they are, it is allready done, and there was pics of one. So it is just about finding where they went. Also, If I were to ever get a Hipoint, I would get the replacement stock for it; much better ergo's...
  13. Rodman30

    Rodman30 Well-Known Member

    I gave $211.00 for mine about 5 month ago at a gun show great little carbine

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