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What's a Marlin model 30? Any different from a model 336?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by DJJ, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. DJJ

    DJJ Well-Known Member

    My local Wallyworld has a Marlin .30-30 labelled "Model 30AW" (that's the display tag - haven't handled the gun yet [never a clerk when you want one]) that looks an awful lot like a 336A (I think - it's the economy model that comes with a sling). Asking price is $275. My local bona fide gun shop quoted me $90 more than that for a 336A.

    There is no mention of a model 30 on Marlin's web site.

    Are the 30AW and the 336A the same thing, or is the one at WW mislabelled? Is my gun shop way overpriced, or is there really something different about these two? Is the model 30 a special cheap run made just for WW?
  2. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Well-Known Member

    Through the years there have been several Marlin mod 30's.
    As you noted they presently have the mod. 30AW. This is not discernable from the picture in the web site, but the 30AW has a dove-tail front sight without a hood, and very plain wood (birch of some such). It is an "economy" version of the 336 as evidenced by the suggested retail price.
    Through the years, they have used this model # on various versions of the 336. One I particularily like and am presently trying to find a good sample of the the Glenfield 30AS, which had a hardwood pistol grip stock, and a half-magazine. Two that I've seen converted to .30/30 Ackley improved were tack-drivers and would get 2,700 fps w/150gr bullets.

    The model 30 usually is a "Department" store economy version.
  3. DJJ

    DJJ Well-Known Member

    The plot thickens

    This one definitely had a hooded ramp front sight. Are there any other differences? Apart from the issue of supporting the mega-corporation vs. my local shop, is the additional $90 getting me anything more (or better)?

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