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Whats a Square Deal B worth

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Nate1778, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Nate1778

    Nate1778 Well-Known Member

    I am working on a Barter right now and the gentleman I am working with has several things I am interested in such as new in sleeve primers, powder and a Square Deal B NIB in 9mm. The first couple are obviously easy to price but the Dillon isn't just sold by anyone. Dillon has them listed at $345, what could I expect to sell it for if I posted it here? Just trying to be fair with the guy, I have enough presses right now so I would sell this as soon as I got it. I did a quick search here and it looked like used they would go for about $300.
  2. mongoose33

    mongoose33 Well-Known Member

    I got one in a buyout of a guy who's retiring from reloading. It was an older one, though still quite good (and Dillon will support it anyway).

    It was set up for .45, and had 10mm conversion as well.

    I sold it for $230. Could I have gotten more? Perhaps, but the guy who bought it did it FTF, so no shipping, which would likely have added $20 or $25 to the price (no flat rate box).

    I think that price was more or less fair. Would you take a used one for $50 less than a new one? I wouldn't. $75? Still probably not. I--personally, YMMV--would want a significant discount to do a used one. So to my way of thinking, $230 was fair and reasonable.

    Now, you indicate your intended one is NIB. If so, I think $300 would be an OK deal for someone who wanted a SDB, and my guess is that it's probably the max you could sell it for here. There's a certain risk people are taking in buying it from you, and my guess is that would drop the price to $300.

    You also have the problem of it being set up for 9mm. I think people would be much more interested if it were set up for .40 or .45. That may limit your market too.
  3. RainDodger

    RainDodger Well-Known Member

    Regardless of caliber, if it's really NIB, I'd pay $300 (if I wanted one). I know how good their customer service is. I've called them a couple of times and they have NEVER asked me where I got mine, or when I got it. Their guarantee is great. If it's been set up before, I'd expect to pay less than $300. Don't know how much.
  4. Nate1778

    Nate1778 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys that is about what I was thinking. Honestly I don't even think the thing has been taken out of the factory box yet. I do want to be fair with the guy, whom has no clue what its worth.
  5. mongoose33

    mongoose33 Well-Known Member

    Nate, in the end, it's not so much about what it's worth as what it's worth to *you*. And if you're thinking of selling it, remember you need to include shipping and paypal charges (if you go that way) in your price. That lowers the actual "value" in my view.
  6. Bush Pilot

    Bush Pilot Well-Known Member

    I found a mint SDB in 45 ACP last summer at a yard sale for $50.00, sorry, that probably doesn't help you determine a price.
  7. Marc257

    Marc257 Well-Known Member

    May not have helped him, but you sure made me mad! $50.00, really?:banghead:
  8. billybob44

    billybob44 Well-Known Member

    BUSHY--You Dog You...I watch all yard sales with no such luck............
  9. Bass Ackwardz

    Bass Ackwardz Well-Known Member

    I never find the deals like that either.


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