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What's the best deal for 40 cal ammo?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by wolverine_173, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. wolverine_173

    wolverine_173 Well-Known Member

    I got a HK USP 40 and would like to order about 500 rounds of 40 cal. which website has the best deal, preferably ammo that is not steel cased.
  2. Nico Testosteros

    Nico Testosteros Well-Known Member

  3. Shienhausser

    Shienhausser Well-Known Member

    I looked forever for "cheap" .357mag.

    I was about to order 500rnds of S&B FMJ 158gr when I happened to stop by a local gun store and found Fiocchi 142gr. for 17.95 a box of 50. I bought as much as they had. (about 1,000 rounds) Keeping the casings for reloading of course.

    Just goes to show you, keep looking b/c you never know where you will find it cheapest. When you do, and you will know, buy it. It was very hard for me to be patient.
  4. squarles67

    squarles67 Well-Known Member

  5. J_McLeod

    J_McLeod Well-Known Member

  6. pistolero guy

    pistolero guy Active Member

    cheap ammo

    most of my ammo is bought at Walmart. If you are buying by the box, usually cheaper then other retail outlets.
  7. Lakedaemonian

    Lakedaemonian Well-Known Member

    CCI Blazer (if you don't reload {they're alluminum cased}) American Eagle is decent too. They're owned by Federal.
  8. doc.lonestar

    doc.lonestar Well-Known Member



    I have been buying my ammo from these two resources.

    USAAmmo has been good to me with thier new and reman 40 and 45 jhp and fmj. I like to buy bulk from here.

    Cheaperthandirt Bitter root ammo has been working great for me as well. Good prices on bulk ammo as well but I typically buy ammo here if I need some in a pinch because they are local.
  9. feedthehogs

    feedthehogs Well-Known Member

  10. SigP229R

    SigP229R Well-Known Member

    www.georgiaarms.com of course I think all theris are reloads. I've only bought it once but their .357 sig is the cheapest I've found. The 40 is'nt bad priced either. Only thing I don't like is it's bulk packagaed.Although for the price can't complain too much.
  11. boondockcrain

    boondockcrain Active Member

    I've got 300 rounds for sale in the for sale thread for $90 shipped. Thats cheaper then Wal-Mart.
  12. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Well-Known Member

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