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Whats the best gun oil for a semi automatic?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by intrepid953, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. intrepid953

    intrepid953 Well-Known Member

    I'm new to the gun scene and was wondering if there was a certain type/brand of oil that seems to be better for your pistols than others. Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Remington makes a great gun oil and IMO there is no better.

    Also, welcome to THR... :)
  3. Geronimo45

    Geronimo45 Well-Known Member

    Another Rem Oil feller here. And welcome.

    Remoil says it's got some sort of teflon in it to stick to your parts after the oil's gone away. Extra level of protection on the metals.

    WD 40's usually not looked too well upon. Think it tends to gunk up.
  4. lwrnc1963

    lwrnc1963 Well-Known Member

    Tetra gun grease. Oil runs from where you put it and evaporates.
  5. Richiec77

    Richiec77 Member

    I've been having good luck with this new synthetic oil I tried out. It's MCM or MMC. Can't remember how it's suppose to go. I usually just use rem oil or Hopps 9 since I well maintain any piece I use. But this stuff tends to stay put rather well.
  6. Bob M.

    Bob M. Well-Known Member

    Same here.
  7. Handgun Midas

    Handgun Midas Well-Known Member

    FP-10 for coating, Slide-Glide on the rails and lugs (although I've been interested in RZ-50)
  8. mes228

    mes228 Well-Known Member

    Gun Oil

    I have a story about Rem. Oil. and why I use it. I have an aluminum shower curtain rod with the curtain being hung by hard metal curtain hangars. The hangars always "gall" and hang up on the rod. They just will not slide on the soft metal of the rod. I've tried grease and several other lubricants to make it slide easy. Some worked to a degree, none last very long. My wife used Rem Oil on a cloth and oiled the rod. It's absolutely amazing. Months of showers, water, hot steam, etc. and it's still sliding like butter. I can't believe how slick and lasting the lubrication is. I now use Rem Oil on all my guns. I also use Gun Tek grease on my semi-auto slides. The Teflon in the Rem Oil is amazing. I always had it on my gun bench but really never used it until my wife did on the shower curtain. Now it's all I use. Shower rod looks dry as a bone, but it's still slick as owl s#&t!!
    I think Rem Oil would prevent galling on alloy frame guns or stainless guns in a big way. Continues to work even when it's not visible and looks dry.
  9. loplop

    loplop Well-Known Member

    mes228, you are the MAN. I am going to try that, I have the same issue!!! I pulled the damn rod down the other day, made so much noise one of my dogs came running in "I'm gonna get 'em" mode. :banghead:

    I don't actually use Rem Oil, but I'll try it.

    I've been using Hoppe's oil for years now. Seems to work as well as any. I clean (usually after firing!) my carry guns at least once a week, so I don't worry about some magical oil that will work for 10 years. I recently took a "safe queen" (my one and only!) to the range after it had sat for about 9 months. It worked fine through the whole range session. Hoppe's has always done the job for me...
  10. Browns Fan

    Browns Fan Well-Known Member

    I like Rem Oil, too. I even use it on my AR, even though most would recommend CLP.
  11. DawgFvr

    DawgFvr Well-Known Member

    I use Tetra grease (same as on my M1 Garand) on all auto pistol rails and "shiny" spots. Oil goes on other metal parts with a shaving brush...leaves a film.;)
  12. waynedm

    waynedm member

    Remoil seems to be pretty good stuff, I use it at work a lot. On my own guns I just put some Amsoil in a little bottle and use that.
  13. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    Oh wait, you did say gun oil.
    I was going to suggest Tetra Gun Grease but you did specifically ask for an oil so I won't recommend the Tetra Gun Grease.
  14. waynedm

    waynedm member

    Everybody knows the best stuff is that Commie cosmoline.
  15. Redhat

    Redhat Member.

    Use CLP on duty weapon and FP10 on my personal weapons.
  16. ugaarguy

    ugaarguy Moderator Staff Member

    If it slides grease it, if it pivots oil it. Plain white lithium auto grease works well, and any full synthetic engine oil also does the job. I've had RemOil gum up on several guns and now avoid it.
  17. longeyes

    longeyes member

    I use Remington oil except on the rails, where I use Wilson's grease.
  18. Arc-Lite

    Arc-Lite Well-Known Member

    any quality synthetic.....I like Mili-Tec1, dri-slide, microlon....find something that does not pick up dirt.....and has a treating effect to the metal. lots of snake oils out there.....
  19. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    I use CLP, and recently I spent two days cleaning weapons to make up for a drill I missed in the guard, and I was reminded that it really does work well for all applications. I have been spoiled in my own guns for a long time, using a combination of hoppe's, aerosol scrubbers, and clp only to lube, but you really can use CLP for all of the above if you have to. (The Army doesn't HAVE to, they are just cheap.) I stole a gallon of the stuff 13 years ago and I've still only used about 1/3 of it.

    I have had other guys in here swear that synthetic motor oil, (Mobil one 5w30 full synthetic) is the best all around lube for everything. I asked why, and they said it ias detergent properties that make it very resistant to attracting grit the way regular motor oil does. I use the same stuff in both my cars, maybe when I run out of CLP, I'll give it a try.
  20. 000Buck

    000Buck Well-Known Member

    What kind of pistol? Some guns like oil, some like grease. I know Kahr PM9s run much smoother with grease(I use Tetra), while others dont work any better with grease than oil. As someone else said, Garands and M14s seem to work better with grease. AR15s seem to like oil better. Glocks dont seem to care either way.

    Go to Walmart and get some Rem oil and a thing of Tetra grease and try them both on your gun. Rack the slide and see which one is smoother. If you go with grease, it seems to pick up and store grime easier, so you have to keep that in mind.

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