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Whats the difference between 338 lapua and 338 winchester?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by datruth, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. datruth

    datruth Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking about a bolt action purchase in remy,savage or weatherby chambered in 30-06 , but I also see a rifles from all three makers in 338, I don't know too much about the rounds or round and I hear about it in long distance shooting, is it good for hunting, can someone explain a little bit about the rounds or round(338 winchester and/or Lapua), this seems to be the place to receive good info, thanks in advance
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  2. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Well-Known Member

    The .338 Lapua is a humongous round with way more power than most people need or can control. The .338 Winchester is as powerful as you need for any critter in North America, at least. Generally speaking, the .338 Winchester is about equal to the .375 H&H and shoots a bit flatter.

    The .30-06 is generally considered the most powerful round the average man can be trained to shoot well.

    A beginner would be well advised to stick with the .30-06, and not try the .338 Winchester (let alone the .338 Lapua) until he's sure of his shooting and his ability to deal with recoil.
  3. datruth

    datruth Well-Known Member

    been around firearms all my life thanks to my late father,

    is the recoil that violent, i have the shot the 500 S&W but thats a wheelgun not a bolt action rifle, what is the 338 lapua used for primarily, what type of effective range we talking and what could it be used for(hunting/competition shooting,) and is it totally unadvisable to get my first bolt action rifle chambered in it, i was shooting 12 gauge 3" mags long before shooting the m16 im issued now(us army), not bragging by any means and not trying to be a mall ninja sniper wannabe, just trying to get educated on a somewhat foreign round and make a good purchase and I know this is one of the better forums to help educate myself :eek:
  4. Big Az Al

    Big Az Al Well-Known Member

    Lapua closer to 340 Weatherby, HOWEVER!!!

    The 338 Lapua and the 340 Wweatherby are similair cartridges, with one being a belted Mag the 340, and the Lapua 338 being beltless. The 340 headspaces on the belt, while the 338L headspaces on the shoulder,


    Other then not being interchangeable, what one can do the other can do, with very similair if not the same ballistics and performance.

    The 338 Win is case capacity wise in the class of the 264win mag, 7mm Rem mag, 300win mag, being that they have the same head size, about the same capacity for powder, and will work thru a standard lenght action.

    The 30-06, my favorite, is very versital, whether your a one load for everything hunter (me), or a change the bullet wieght for everything, this round will handle all game in North America, from rabbits to Mouse.

    The advantage of being a one load hunter, is that no matter what shot or cittuation, and you have shot the gun enough, there is no doubt about where the bullet is going if I do my part. Some rifles don't seam to care about bullet wieght, and others the change in the POI is extreme.

  5. trueblue1776

    trueblue1776 Well-Known Member

    The Lapua is nearly in .50 BMG range.
    .338 Win is a mule deer round.

    The .338 Lapua is a sexy sexy beast.
  6. datruth

    datruth Well-Known Member

    I would not make the mistake of loading the wrong round in the wrong gun i

    I would not make the mistake of loading the wrong round in the wrong gun, im very safe, but accidents do happen to the most seasoned gun experts and beginners alike, i like to stick to the fundemental gun saftey rules, so what is the 338 lapua all about?:confused:
  7. kcmarine

    kcmarine Well-Known Member

    You have to duct tape trauma plates on to your back and chest to stop the Lapua.:D

    I wonder if anyone will get this joke?
  8. another okie

    another okie Well-Known Member

    According to Lee's modern reloading:

    .338 Winchester Magnum
    .338 caliber bullet
    200 grain bullet at about 2700 feet per second
    250 grain bullet at about 2500 feet per second

    .338 lapua is not listed, but here's what I found elsewhere:
    200 grain bullet at 3200 feet per second
    250 grain bullet at 3000 feet per second

    Both of those are a lot of power, but the lapua is significant step up both from the Winchester and the Remington .338 ultra mag, and even seems to be a little hotter than the Weatherby .340 magnum, all of which use .338 bullets.

    If anyone has any experience with loading the Lapua I'd be interested to know if you can use the same bullets as the .338 Winchester, or if that is too much velocity for them.
  9. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of a spoof on an old TV cigarette commercial, "Nine out of ten doctors who have tried Camels prefer women."

    The .338 Lapua may be sexy, but I doubt many men who own them shoot them a lot -- even if they can afford the ammo.
  10. Will Learn

    Will Learn Well-Known Member

    .338 Lapua ammo is really expensive if I remember right, I think its more than 50bmg. I'd just go for the 50bmg if I was in that price range. For a starter bolt rifle I would suggest one chambered in .308, a Savage or Rem 700 or something. The .308 can reach out to 1000yds and has more available(cheaper) ammo. Just remember, the money you save on the rifle can be spent on optics and mass amounts of match ammo. You might want to look into reloading as well if your looking to shoot the more expensive ammo.

    The .338 Lapua is a very capeable round and can reach out past 1000yds.
  11. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

    Another okie's numbers are on for 338 Lapua.

    From Military .338 Lapua Magnum Rifles Compared, the SAKO TRG-42 and AI-AWSM

    338 Win Mag is basically a big, slow round for wholloping game.
    338 Lapua is a long-range "sniper" round.

    datruth- This article describes caliber selection for long-range shooting
  12. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

    With regard to recoil--

    I more or less agree with this if we are talking about conventional 7-10# hunting rifles without muzzle brakes. When you go a little heavier or add a good brake (or suppressor), this is easily expanded to include the 338 Lapua.

    The TRG-42 weighs about 13-14# and comes with a brake. It can be shot "all day" without recoil fatigue-- concussion fatigue is another story (and that's why I shoot with suppressors nowadays).

    Also, about the 338RUM-- it will give very close results to the 338 Lapua. You'll see more difference in velocity within either of them based on chamber dimensions and bore tightness than you are likely to see between the two calibers.

  13. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Well-Known Member

    When we're trudging up a 45-degree slope at 11,000 feet after elk, my gunbearer, Ujangbu, whimp that he is, says my custom '03 Springfield is too heavy.:p
  14. lamazza

    lamazza Well-Known Member

    I've shot .338 Lapua and didn't think that the recoil was horrendous or brutal.
  15. slzy

    slzy Well-Known Member

    vern,the camel spot sounds like something steve allen may have said.
  16. jmr40

    jmr40 Well-Known Member

    No personal knowledge, but I have a brother in law who had a custom rifle built in 338 lapua. He uses it to elk hunt with. He claims it is a legitimate 600 yard elk rifle. Next time I see him I will to get more info.
  17. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    PRICE!!!! get you a 300 winmag, shooting 180 grainers about 3000 fps, and thisll will do just about anything you want.
  18. Limeyfellow

    Limeyfellow Well-Known Member

    The .338 Lapau is a bit cheaper than .50bmg and thats why its used by some nations military to save money since .50bmg is considered too expensive. Both are great for hunting lightly armoured trucks though.
  19. Alphazulu6

    Alphazulu6 member

    .338 Lapua

  20. nyresq

    nyresq Well-Known Member

    it helps if you have the special boots that allow you to climb the walls:D
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