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What's the fair thing to do? or who pays shipping?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Kingson, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Kingson

    Kingson Well-Known Member

    I sold this gun on gunbroker http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?item=40737184
    and I was told by the guy who traded it in the he never fired the gun and thought that it was unfired. The gentalman that bought the gun got the gun and took it to his gunsmith and he says that the gun is sloppy and looks like it was reblued. OK so the gentalman is going to send the gun back to me and want a full refund (I'm not here to screw anybody over, I just got my FFL and mostly sell over on Gunbroker). Now who pays for shipping, do I send him the refund including the shipping both ways, just shipping one way or no shipping at all? I just want to be fair to the guy as this is me first time that this has happend. Thanks
  2. Werewolf

    Werewolf Well-Known Member

    If you weren't an FFL in the business but instead just a regular guy selling a gun I'd say tell the guy to pay the freight himself.

    But you aren't - you're an FFL in the business of selling firearms. It sucks but IMO you pay the freight in the name of customer goodwill.
  3. Greysand

    Greysand Well-Known Member

    I'd offer to split the shipping on the way back. Most other online companys, if you want to return something you didn't like it's on your dime. But if the gun truely wasn't as advertised. I'd spring for the shipping back.
  4. ReadyontheRight

    ReadyontheRight Well-Known Member

    I'd say you pay for the shipping and ask the guy to give you a good write-up on the site.
  5. 71Commander

    71Commander Well-Known Member

    For future reference, when you list a gun, there is a drop down menu stating the inspection terms. Use "three days from delivery to ffl, full refund, minus shipping". Or something to thay effect.
  6. 71Commander

    71Commander Well-Known Member

    double tap.:eek:
  7. bpisler

    bpisler Well-Known Member

    Unless there's something wrong with the gun i
    would make him pay the return shipping.It
    seems that most sellers on the auction sites
    tell bidders upfront that they pay return shipping.But before i did anything i would talk
    to his gunsmith and find out what he means by "sloppy".
  8. ScottsGT

    ScottsGT Well-Known Member

    Sounds to me like an excuse to back out on the deal. That gun looks to be new to me from the photos. But then again, the customer is always right! It sucks, but it's part of being in the business. Personally, I'd have to suck it up and refund his money if I didn't make it clear in the beginning.
  9. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    I'd advise looking the gun over carefully and taking it to a gunsmith to have it evaluated. If the smith says that it's been reblued or is "sloppy" then pay the full shipping both ways and refund. If, otoh, the smith says that it's fine for a what it is then I'd only pay the shipping one way.

    The buyer may not be having buyer's remorse he may have a jackass for a gunsmith that doesn't like Taurus's and has soured him on the deal.
  10. 308win

    308win Well-Known Member

    I would send him a prepaid shipping RA. Have the gun inspected by a competent gunsmith. If you didn't misrepresent the item he owns it and if he wants it back he needs to send you a prepaid shipping waybill. OTOH, if the gun was misrepresented you owe him a refund of his entire outlay. My .02. We sell quite a bit on ebay and buyers remorse is a very common affliction; especially when the significant other finds out how much the buyer paid for something.
  11. Kingson

    Kingson Well-Known Member

    I'm going to take it to someone that know lots more about guns then I do and see what they say. I looked at the gun and it didn't look reblued to me, and it didn't feel sloppy but I'm new to this, been only into guns fo about 5 years. At least I learned that I need to state what happens if you want to return a gun. We will see when the gun comes back. Thanks for all your help so far.
  12. Preacherman

    Preacherman Well-Known Member

    You might also want to check whether the serial number on the gun you get back corresponds to the serial number of the gun you sent out... Sounds tacky, I know, but I know one guy who got "taken" this way. Needless to say, he set the law on the individual concerned, but it's a good thing he checked!
  13. guy sajer

    guy sajer Well-Known Member

    Make sure when it arrives back to you that it's exactly as it left . If it is , make it a non-issue and give the guy a full refund with shipping . You don't need anyone spreading a bad rep for you .

    In the future , make sure you're confident of what you're selling . Supply plenty of photos . 3 Day return priviledges is standard . If the gun is returned in the 3 days for no good reason , then he pays return shipping .
  14. gezzer

    gezzer Well-Known Member

    Take this as a lesson to learn your trade. Pay the return shipping the customer is right. Nothing like getting a negative for a mistake in condition and being to cheap to back up your discription.

    By the way I am a dealer with 100's of pos feedback and no negatives.

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